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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 148

Mei 28, 2017

Just trying to make a long story short as I have to focus on my studies for most of the week. You see, my school has an online exam system, meaning students are required to use electronical gadgets for their exams. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Due to the strain of using Hydro Vortex when defeating Totem Lurantis in the last episode, Fina fainted. She lied in the hospital and was in a coma for 8 hours. She healed quickly and in this episode she doesn’t fast. Rifat and Khalisha as her friends try to satisfy her hunger with gulab jamun, a milk-based traditional Indian dessert. She eats halfheartedly while Rifat explains to her that “Z-Moves are for Pokemon, not humans.” Moreover, Khalisha explains that the Water-type Z-Move Hydro Vortex, or Super Aqua Tornado in Japanese, is a powerful type. It takes months to master it. Thankfully Fina is now healthy and is ready to battle Syauqi.

Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha go back to the jungle where the former and Syauqi are going to battle. The referee is Fadhil, Syauqi’s brother. This is a 4×4 battle. (Dialogue is coming soon)

Fina’s team: Brionne, Trumbeak, Cutiefly, Pikachu
Syauqi’s team: Rowlet, Steenee, Sawsbuck, Shiinotic

Syauqi starts off with Rowlet, much to Rifat’s amazement. Wanting to be strategic, Fina starts off with Trumbeak, seeing that Flying-type moves have the upper hand against the Grass-type Rowlet. Trumbeak makes the first move, using Pluck on Rowlet, rendering it super effective. Rowlet uses Leafage, which Trumbeak dodges, and the Bugle Beak Pokemon uses Rock Smash on it. Rowlet doesn’t give up easily, and it uses Pluck on Trumbeak as well, and it is unable to dodge. Fina, having not yet given up hope, commands Trumbeak to use Roost to heal itself, and boy it sure has the upper hand. It then uses Supersonic to confuse Rowlet, followed by a Pluck, then Rock Smash, eventually knocking out Rowlet from the battle.

Syauqi sends out Steenee, his second Pokemon. Steenee knows Magical Leaf, Double Slap, Sweet Scent, and Rapid Spin. Fina makes the first move, commanding Trumbeak to use Echoed Voice, a move that gains more power in each consecutive use. Steenee doesn’t care, and it uses Double Slap which Trumbeak is unable to dodge. Trumbeak uses Rock Smash, causing Steenee to stagger, but it quickly snaps out. It then uses Sweet Scent on Trumbeak, lowering its evasiveness, followed by a Magical Leaf attack, knocking Trumbeak out instantly, resulting in a 1-1.

Fina sends out Cutiefly. Rifat and Khalisha are no doubt shocked, since Cutiefly is pretty weak, but the Bee Fly Pokemon proves that it can be strong, using Fairy Wind on Steenee, followed by a Draining Kiss and Struggle Bug combo, knocking it out of the battle.

Syauqi sends out Sawsbuck, the Horn Leech Pokemon, which our Heroes’ Pokedex scans with. Sawsbuck is able to knock down Cutiefly with a single Horn Leech, before Cutiefly is even able to make a single move.

Fast forward…

When Fina and Syauqi are down to their last Pokemon – Brionne and Shiinotic respectively – LDP’s Mamun, Slavko (Saka), Isaiah (Hizkia), and Hovig (Azka) interfere. Mamun asks for an empty-handed battle, which Fina refuses to do. The battle is then canceled. (Just kidding, haha.) Fina orders Brionne to use Aqua Jet, and Syauqi orders Shiinotic to use Giga Drain to drain Mamun’s health. Syauqi had used the Grass-type Z-Move Bloom Doom to defeat Fina’s Pikachu in the first place tho’, so it’s Fina’s turn to use Hydro Vortex, blasting off Mamun and LDP’s enforcers. Fina is then declared victorious for her bravery to fight LDP.

Fadhil: You’re lucky. You’re lucky you beat those bad guys with a single Hydro Vortex. Even my brother is amazed. Here, I present you this. I know I don’t need it, even my dad doesn’t. Grassium Z. Take it or lose it, Fina.
Fina: Th-thank you, Fadhil. (to Rifat) Here, Rifat. Syauqi’s brother gave it for me, but I give it to you, seeing you don’t have a Z-Crystal yet.
Rifat: Gee, thanks. I got… Grassium Z!
Dartrix: (cheerful hoots)
Syauqi: Rifat! With that Grassium Z, you can upgrade any Grass-type move into the Z-Move Bloom Doom. Watch, and learn. (teaches Rifat the technique for Bloom Doom)

Minutes later…

Abiel: Fina! Fina!
Fina: Abiel? Ow! (Abiel strikes her)
Abiel: I know I haven’t forgotten. Here. YOUR Bounsweet. Sorry for the custody. Even our Aizawl trip is worth dying to try.
Fina: I got… Bounsweet!
Abiel: Isn’t Bounsweet cute? A Pokemon shaped like a mangosteen and its flesh looks like a diaper. Come on now. You’re having a test tomorrow, and so am I.
(Just then, the same Morelull approaches Abiel)
Abiel: Hunh? What, Morelull?
Morelull: (incoherent speech)
Abiel: You’re right. All the sleeping stuff… we’re sorry for angering your kind back in Monday. Catch?
Morelull: Morelull!
Abiel: Alrighty, then! Go, Poke Ball!
*shake shake shake*
Abiel: I caught… a Morelull! (to Fina) Once again, I just need to say this. No offense to you. ‘Cause I…
Fina: (thinks a bit)
Abiel: I…
Fina: (takes a deep breath)
Abiel: (pulls a Brendan Murray again) I like ya, I like blues kinda.
Rifat, Khalisha, and Fina: (laughing)

And once again, stay tuned as the exams clash with the Nepali story tomorrow!


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