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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 154

Juni 3, 2017

Just a summary of the episode as I was studying mathematics and English for next Monday and a lack of time.

Upon our Heroes’ arrival in the trial site, an ice cave in the Himalayas, Khalisha is set to clear the trial in Fadhil’s request. She takes off her warm clothes. Before that, Khalisha asks if she can have her Torracat with Rifat and Fina. There are 3 Cubchoo in this trial to defeat, with the Totem Pokemon being Beartic. (Beartic is love, Beartic is life. Sadly I don’t own Pokemon.)

Khalisha decides she will go with Vulpix, Minccino, and Togedemaru. All three win. When facing Beartic, Khalisha has to fight empty-handed. After executing a powerful Inferno Overdrive to knock Beartic out, she suffered from hypothermia and faints instantly at the field, only to be taken to a nearby lodge by Fina and Rifat and bathed in hot water.

Tomorrow: battle for Icium Z between Khalisha and Fadhil!


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