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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 166

Juni 15, 2017

Pardon me if I skipped a part where our Heroes were in Comilla yesterday.

Our Heroes have reached Sylhet, a city in Bangladesh where the Surma River flows and the fifth largest city in the country. Here, they are warned by LDP’s enforcers that LDP are taking a break from being villainous for 3 weeks, and that they are tasked to take their place. Of course, there are Slavko (Saka), Isaiah (Hizkia), Hovig (Azka), Zafi, and Jowst.

When Rifat asks about the Bengali scientists who took their traded Pokemon, Zafi says that she doesn’t know anything about them.

Now they are having fun in the Mulnicherra Estate, the oldest tea garden in South Asia. Khalibrations, your favorite TCoH 4 Part 2 character Khalisha will enjoy lots of nights exploring the tea gardens here. She loves tea, alright.

Stay tuned tomorrow as our Heroes depart for Mymensingh.


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