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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 167

Juni 16, 2017

Our Heroes have finally reached the city of Mymensingh. Before checking in to the nearest hotel, they stop by a restaurant – nope, just kidding. They’re fasting, alright.

Now they book in to what the locals might call the city’s best hotel, named (wait for it…) Hotel Al Rifat! Here they discuss more about the mysterious Bengali scientists that took their Pokemon. Assuming M. Ang N. Ak (yup, that’s the collective name of LDP’s enforcers, led by Zafi) are disguising as the scientists so that they could take their Pokemon, Rifat suggests Fina and Khalisha come along with him and hijack a car to Rajshahi the next day.

As dusk falls, the call for the Maghrib prayer is summoned, and iftar is served. How lucky they are! Fina and Rifat get rice with sabji, a special type of Bangladeshi vegan curry, but Khalisha is the most luxurious – she gets kosha murgir mangsho, or Bengali chicken curry. They eat heartily.

Stay tuned tomorrow as our Heroes finally reach Rajshahi.

SIDE NOTE: as of the end of the Bangladeshi story, Mr. Akbar is no longer a Scullaby as in real life he is no longer a teacher in my school. He will leave the Scullabies as a quartet, M. Ang N. Ak will become their new rivals, and LDP remain their enemies.

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