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TCoH 4 Part 2, another snippet of the Sri Lankan story

Juni 17, 2017

You sure read the snippet of the Sri Lankan story in TCoH 4 Part 2. Well, that’s just the first snippet of it. Here’s another snippet. It’s inspired by the upcoming 31st episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. All rights belong to their respective owners.

It’s officially school break, and our Heroes plan to have vacation in the island nation of Sri Lanka. They are greeted by Mrs. Wine, the local trial captain there. She specializes in Rock-type Pokemon, owns all Pokemon of her specialty type, and is an experienced master of ceremony (MC) and singer.

Mrs. Wine is a very good woman. She tells our Heroes about the next trial. Ultimately, she chooses Rifat to face this trial in Sigiriya in order to get the Rockium Z, which she says is chocolate-flavored. She also promises Fina an apple if Rifat clears the trial. But not just an apple. Mrs. Wine says it’s secretly her best friend since 2015. (Hasna’s return hinted!)

Why is the Rockium Z chocolate-flavored, according to Mrs. Wine?
Just look at it. It’s brown. Brown is mostly associated with chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, or anything of the like. So it’s most likely chocolate-flavored… with a hint of spice inside it.


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