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TCoH 4 Part 2 side story: How the Scullabies begin a rivalry with M. Ang N. Ak

Juni 20, 2017

This has no dialogue, sorry.
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A week after being left by Mr. Akbar, the Scullabies are now left as a quarter of Mr. Vallen, Mr. Roni, Mr. Vega, and Mrs. Meta. They plan to find a replacement for their youngest member during their visit to Sri Lanka, when suddenly they get involved in a feud with M. Ang N. Ak, Zafi’s villainous team.

Mr. Vallen asks them if they can get Lany into the Scullabies, assuming she has an Incineroar with her. Her Pokemon are also mostly Dark-type, with a little bit of Fairy type blended in her team. And #BOOM. They are now fighting against each other. Slavko agrees that they find Lany, but not before our Heroes clear Mrs. Wine’s trial in Sigiriya.

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