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The future of TCoH 4 Part 2, and Hits Radio in July 2017

Juni 20, 2017

In The Chronicles of Hits series, Hits Radio is more than just a radio station. It’s an organization. A radio-announcing, crime-stopping, Pokemon-catching, and Pokemon-training organization that has been here since 2013. And since 2015, Fina has been the main character. Believe it or not, and you’ve been hearing me referring to her as this heaps of times before, my girlfriend for almost 4 years this year has grown stronger bonds with her current companions Rifat and Khalisha, exchange students of the Hits Academy at Sydney, or HAS. They’re working together to save her friends, who are deported to the fictional Alola region from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Collectively they are known as our Hits Heroes.

I’ve been promoted to the 12th grade, and so, of course I have to prepare for the national exam and something like that. But it will never stop me from writing any TCoH 4 Part 2. This July also marks the start of the East Asian saga.

Hits Radio in July 2017:
July 1-2: Maldives (part 2)
July 3-9: China
July 10-16: Mongolia
July 17-23: North Korea
July 24-30: South Korea
July 31: Japan (part 1)

Starting from July 2017, M. Ang N. Ak will join forces with LDP as villains, whereas the Scullabies are left as a quartet following Mr. Akbar’s departure. The main Hero of focus will be Fina as she likes East Asian stuff, mainly Korean. The LDP member of focus will be Martha, the M. Ang N. Ak member of focus is Zafi, and the Scullaby of focus is Mrs. Meta, holding the fourth grand trial in Taiwan.

So what are you waiting for?
Get ready for some oriental fun this July with our Heroes!

Oh, and BTW, the Hits Radio Artist of the Month in July is Brendan…
And his surname…
It’s “Murray” (pronounced as Marie).
Not “Muh-ray”,
Not “Murphy”,
Not “Murti”,
Not “Bob Saget”,

Just kidding. Artist of the Month in July is Khalisha.

TCoH 4 Part 2, East Asian saga
July 3-9: China
July 10-16: Mongolia
July 17-23: North Korea
July 24-30: South Korea
July 31-August 6: Japan
August 7-13: Taiwan (FOURTH GRAND TRIAL SITE)

The main Hero of focus is Fina, and here’s why.
China: she caught a Stufful here; her Bounsweet evolves into Steenee during a battle against LDP.
Mongolia: no special event, but her Trumbeak evolves into Toucannon in this story.
North Korea: she meets Carmina for the first time in person. (FYI, Carmina is my real-life friend at school, Salsabila from then-XI MIA 6. I made this nickname.)
South Korea: when Khalisha temporarily hangs out with the girls, she decides to side with Rifat for the week, and they support her during her trial battle with Carmina. Also, her Ribombee evolves from Cutiefly here.
Japan: she faces Radit in the trial battle and wins, earning her the Buginium Z.
Taiwan: she faces Mrs. Meta in the fourth grand trial and wins, earning her the Fairium Z. Her Brionne evolves into Primarina at this point, and learns Sparkling Aria.

Also, keep in mind that Rifat’s Dartrix, Rockruff, and Khalisha’s Staravia evolve into Decidueye, Midnight Form Lycanroc, and Staraptor respectively in the Chinese story. Khalisha’s Torracat also evolves into Incineroar and learns Darkest Lariat in the South Korean story.


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