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Obsessed with geography

Juni 23, 2017

You know how in the 10th and 11th grade I’m in love with history class? Well, I might still do, but ever since I first watched the Geography Now! YouTube channel in 2015, I fell in love deeper and deeper with the subject. Now, I ranked among the highest in geography exams.

Geography isn’t all countries and continents. Geography is all about territorial anomalies, borders, landscapes, culture, languages, and better yet, environment! After Mr. Heru and Mr. Vega, I better get ready with my friends, as in the 12th grade I will learn geography with a completely new teacher in my school. His name is Kartiwa, but he is often called Mr. Iwa. His nickname in Japanese literally means “stone” or “rock”.

What will I learn in geography during 12th grade?
1. Basic techniques of mapping
2. Remote sensing
3. Geographical information system
4. Spatial patterns of rural and urban areas
5. Concept of territory and zoning
6. Developed and developing countries

Keywords: map, cartography, projection, satellite imagery, Human Development Index, Gini, demographics, territorial anomalies, border, ethnic groups, language, culture, rural area, urban area, currency.

Can’t wait for 12th grade!!!


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