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TCoH 4 Part 2, snippet of Chinese story

Juni 30, 2017

Hey guys…
So recently I went back from watching an angklung performance in Saung Angklung Udjo, hence why I wasn’t writing a TCoH 4 Part 2 episode. But I arrived home early and now I’m back with a snippet of next week’s Chinese story, the beginning of the East Asian saga.

After Shandy’s anger for Mamun’s failure and LDP’s 5-week break from being villainous, LDP decide they will join forces with M. Ang N. Ak. They will begin in China, just where our Heroes have arrived.

Upon our Heroes’ arrival in Beijing, the capital of China, Rifat is greeted by Nadhif, his childhood friend. Nadhif tells our Heroes about the details for the next trial. He specializes in the Poison type, and his trial takes place in Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Meanwhile, LDP burgle meat buns and Chinese lanterns for their next evil plot, while the Scullabies practice kung fu in the Forbidden City.

Now this is the part you never wanna hear of in TCoH 4 Part 2. Further in the story, our Heroes are trapped in Guangxi, just when they are on their way to Shanghai. Before that they have been attending a briefing for Davy’s next directed film.

Wanna know the rest of the story? Stay tuned next week!

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