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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 186

Juli 5, 2017

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Previously in TCoH 4 Part 2…
Our Heroes were held hostage by LDP and M. Ang N. Ak, and were dropped off in Xinjiang. It wasn’t long before they decided to board a camel to the nearest autonomous region of Ningxia. (does the Great Wall of China pass through here, I wonder…?)

Don’t expect them going to Inner Mongolia in this episode.

Fina: Man, we’ve been passing this desert for hours!
Rifat: Well, according to my calculations, this is the area known as the Taklamakan Desert, mostly in the Xinjiang region. We’ll reach Ningxia in no time.


There will be no dialogue for this part.
Basically Zafi and Martha are working together for their next plot. The machine they used to hold our Heroes hostage in Beijing yesterday runs in meat buns and dumplings, not petroleum. They love deciphering, much to Mrs. Meta’s annoyance. And this is the part where all three women begin feuding.

Upon our Heroes’ arrival in Ningxia

Rifat: Now, listen, girls. (to Fina and Khalisha) This is the Ningxia autonomous region. This region is home to 20% of China’s Hui population, who are mostly Sunni Muslims. Much like the Xinjiang Uyghur people, the Hui people write in an Arabic script which is unintelligible for the Han Chinese.
Khalisha: Whoa, I don’t know you’re smart enough to explain about China. Who taught you?
Rifat: Mr. Heru. (awkward smile)

In the next episode, Fina will catch a Stufful in a bamboo forest…
Stay tuned!


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