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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 187

Juli 6, 2017

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Our Heroes have arrived in Nanning, the regional capital of Guangxi. They are escorted by authorities who invite them to watch the Ardan Group halal bihalal (basically what Muslims do during and after Eid al-Fitr).

Of course, the host is our favorite Irish singer with the angelic voice whose name some of you already know and I’m not gonna remind you again, but Brendan goes by his alter ego in TCoH 4 Part 2… Brenna.

Brenna: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! To the 5th Ardan Group halal bihalal! Where people of various religions gather and show religious tolerance by saying their apologies and shake hands!
Khalisha: (Brendan…?)
Fina: Khal? You look weird.
Rifat: Yeah, your emotions seem skeptical when seeing your brother like that.
Khalisha: No, I was thinking about my next physics assignment.
Fina and Rifat: (groan)
Brenna: As you can see, I’m joined by my girls here, Manuella and Imanda! Say hi, girls!
Khalisha: (Those girls… are they the fugitives too?)
Fina: Khal, pay attention! They’re real women after all. They look nothing like Manel and Imri.
Brenna: Without further ado… enjoy the show! (crowd applause) Cue the fashionistas!

First comes a fat man walking along to “Strip that down” by Liam Payne featuring Quavo.
Then comes some random guy who looks like Aulion, wearing some kind of jungle attire with a leaf headdress.
Next, we have a bearded woman wearing a tiger jumpsuit.
Then a woman who wears a Deadpool zentai suit.
Then comes… a Xurkitree?
And last but not least, comes… Wildi! He wears a black skin-tight garment with a jungle attire that kinda looks like the second model.

Brenna: The results will be announced by the end of this night! See you around!
(crowd cheer and applause)
Fina: Come on, Fat, Khal. Let’s survive by catching us some wild Pokemon.
Rifat and Khalisha: OK. (they get out of the venue)

They walk into the bamboo forest near the venue where there are some Pancham, Pangoro, Stufful, and Bewear. (Keep in mind, they are panda-based Pokemon and TCoH 4 Part 2 is a Pokemon Sun and Moon fanfiction. I don’t own Pokemon.) However, Stufful catches Fina’s attention the most. As you can tell, my girlfriend has a soft spot for cute Pokemon.

Khalisha: (Geez, Fina… always screaming over cute Pokemon…) Hey, Fat. What does the Pokedex say about Stufful?
Rifat: Let me turn it on first… (munches on rice)

“Stufful, the Flailing Pokemon. A Normal and Fighting type. The pre-evolved form of Bewear. Despite its adorable appearance, when it gets angry and flails about, its arms and legs could knock a pro wrestler sprawling.”

Rifat: Warn her not to hug it.
Khalisha: Sure thing. (to Fina, from afar) Fina! Don’t hug Stufful unless you know how to do it once you’ve caught it!
Fina: Don’t worry, Khal! I’ve learned everything!
Khalisha: (to Rifat) That’s just her, Fat. Never listens to her friend.
Fina: Now, Trumbeak, use Pluck on Stufful!
(Trumbeak uses Pluck on Stufful, eating its held Berry)
Fina: Now use Rock Smash!
(lands a super-effective Rock Smash attack on Stufful, leaving it temporarily helpless)
Fina: Alright, go Poke Ball! (throws a Poke Ball on Stufful)
Fina: Yesss! I caught… a Stufful!
Rifat: Booo!
Khalisha: Relax, Fat. After all, she learned quickly from Pokemon biology class. Alright, Fina, shall we go back to the venue?
Fina: (awkward silence)

Meanwhile, at the venue…
Brendan: (taking off his Brenna attire) Boy, I sure am tired. Let’s take a break. Manel, give me some tea.
Manel: Relax, Bren, I’m turning on the water heater for our showers. We’re gonna take a traditional Chinese bath today. (taking off his Manuella attire)
Brendan: Hm. (to Zafi) Zafi, my girl, I’ve never actually felt this giddy since you agreed to be my wife.
Zafi: I never agreed.
Brendan: I mean, you did have fun at the first half of the show, right? All that Deadpool stuff and jungle attire? Wildi is a dark horse for winning this year!
Zafi: Yeah, but we kinda have to keep an eye out for Meta. She wants to foil my plan to hold the Hits Heroes hostage.
Brendan: But…?
Zafi: Play with Eiza – she’s a nice guy, part of Ardan Radio. She might wanna be your wife in 2021.

Dinner is now served. Their dinner is luxurious, with the Chinese national dish, the delicious yangzhou fried rice. While they eat, our Heroes talk about the Zhuang people of Guangxi.

Rifat: Hey, dudes. (refers to the girls as dudes even though they are… you know, girls)
Khalisha and Fina: What?
Rifat: Have you heard of the Zhuang people that live here in Guangxi?
Khalisha: No. Why’d you ask?
Rifat: Actually the language they speak is more intelligible to Thai and Lao, and they write with a Latin-based script. The only hard part is to understand how it’s pronounced.
Khalisha and Fina: Oh…
Rifat: Eat quickly, but not too quick. We can be late for the second half of the show. The women might be done bathing this time.

The second half of the show is enlivened by Chinese folk music, kung fu demonstration, and Chinese opera. As Brenna, Manuella, and Imanda come up to the stage again, the crowd cheer.

Brenna: We hereby to tell you the winners of this year’s Ardan Group fashion show!
(crowd cheer)
Manuella: The third place title goes to… Siti Similikiti Simanungkalit with her elegant Deadpool costume! (crowd cheer) No doubt she looks sexy.
Imanda: The second place title goes to… Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas with his honorable The Notorious B.I.G. impersonation! (crowd cheer)
Brenna: And… the first place title goes to… Wildi Cahya! (crowd cheer and applause) He’s the most sexiest this year, wearing a jungle costume with a black skin-tight garment! Congrats to Wildi!
Khalisha: Isn’t my brother great, dudes? (to Fina and Rifat)
Fina and Rifat: (look at each other, and shake heads)

And with that the episode has ended.
Stay tuned tomorrow as our Heroes go to Guangzhou!


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