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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 189

Juli 8, 2017

Just to summarize this episode due to a lack of time.
All rights belong to their respective owners.

In Shanghai, our Heroes prepare for the next trial. After their morning routine, they set off to Nanjing Road for the trial, which includes… snake charming! Rifat finds this easy, although he’s not used to Indian culture outside of India. The task is very easy, everytime he plays the pungi there is an Ekans popping from the jar. After defeating 3 Ekans, he will summon Totem Arbok from the largest jar.

Rapidfire around, Rifat defeats Totem Arbok with just Lycanroc, and wins after unleashing a devastating Continental Crush.

Stay tuned as Rifat battles Nadhif for the Poisonium Z!


From → TCoH 4 Part 2

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