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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 190

Juli 9, 2017

Again, just a summary of the story.
All rights belong to their respective owners.

Today’s the big day. Rifat will challenge Nadhif to a trial battle for the Poisonium Z. The battle takes place in Nanjing Road, the same place where Rifat defeats Totem Arbok.

Details of the battle:
Rifat’s team: Dartrix (later evolving into Decidueye), Fletchinder, Lycanroc, Alolan Sandslash, Cleffa
Nadhif’s team: Koffing, Alolan Muk, Dragalge, Nidoking, Toxapex

Yadda yadda yadda (OK, I said this very much lately in every TCoH 4 Part 2 story)…
Fletchinder vs. Koffing = Fletchinder wins
Fletchinder vs. Alolan Muk = Alolan Muk wins
Lycanroc vs. Alolan Muk = Lycanroc wins
Lycanroc vs. Dragalge = Dragalge wins
Cleffa vs. Dragalge = Cleffa wins
Cleffa vs. Nidoking = Nidoking wins
Alolan Sandslash vs. Nidoking = Nidoking wins
Dartrix vs. Nidoking = Dartrix wins
Dartrix vs. Toxapex = Dartrix wins, evolving into Decidueye in the process

Can you believe Rifat wins the battle only by a single Bloom Doom? At one point he was poisoned, along with Dartrix, his health dropping in the process. After unleashing Bloom Doom with his newly evolved Decidueye, he collapses on the field due to excessive poisoning.

Thankfully, he recovers quickly and finds himself in Nadhif’s place. Nadhif keeps his promise, giving Rifat the Poisonium Z.

A little dialogue, maybe…?

Nadhif: That there is the Poisonium Z. It’s grape-flavored… with a lavender smell. With that, any of your Pokemon that know a Poison-type move can upgrade it into the Z-Move Acid Downpour – even you can do it. Watch and learn! (demonstrates the moves for Acid Downpour)

That evening, our Heroes left China with bright faces.

Stay tuned. The Mongolian story is coming up next! #BOOM


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