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Major events in TCoH 4 Part 2, Korean stories

Juli 15, 2017

Quick disclaimer, I put both of the Koreas under one collective Korean story, so North Korea will go first, then South Korea will go second. All rights belong to their respective owners.

North Korean story:
– Khalisha is reunited with her childhood friend Carmina.
– Fina meets Carmina for the first time in person.
– Our Heroes get involved on a briefing for the shooting process of B5 with Davy in Pyongyang.

South Korean story:
– Khalisha faces her trial with Carmina in Seoul and wins, earning her the Psychium Z.
– Fina’s Cutiefly evolves into Ribombee during a trainer battle with Khalisha, a nod to the following Japanese story.

Stay tuned!


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