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TCoH 4 Part 2, snippet of Korean stories

Juli 15, 2017

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The next 2 weeks will be the most interesting weeks in TCoH 4 Part 2, as our Heroes are heading out to the twin Koreas – North and South Korea.

North Korean story (July 17-23, 2017)
Khalisha tells Fina and Rifat that she is highly interested in meeting her childhood friend, Carmina. She is a smart girl, loves astronomy, and is herself a trial captain. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon, owns an Oranguru, and never gets bored of space. She has her suit on, no need to worry! (Slavko reference)

At the briefing for the next shooting process of B5 (Brandon Bale: Bane Bonne Beak), our Heroes have no rest. Even when the Scullabies, LDP, and M. Ang N. Ak start feuding again. Regarding giant robots.

NOTE: Fun side note, when I get angry, owing to my psychological issues, I feel like an American kid. Why American? We’ll explain about that later in my life. (Gak penting-penting amat)

Back to TCoH 4 Part 2.

South Korean story (July 24-30, 2017)
When Khalisha and Carmina decide to hang out temporarily with their friends Dina and Zahra, the former leaves Fina with Rifat for a while. Fina feels like a boy in this story, despite being a feminine girl who likes Korean girl groups. Together, these six learn about Korean pop culture, while supporting Khalisha’s trial in Seoul with Carmina. (Oh, and BTW, if you are wondering who Carmina is, she is my real-life school friend, Salsabila. She is in XII MIA 10 now)

Stay tuned as tomorrow night I research both Koreas!


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