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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episodes 196 and 197

Juli 16, 2017

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In the simplest way I can put this, Fina comes to the place where I stay in on Ulaanbaatar and talk a lot about my psychological issues and why I always feel like an American when agitated. Sometimes she can be like Hani (being overprotective) but can also be like Nadiefa (always being patient when talking to me). She also tells me that holding a rabbit can help me deal with my psychological issues. Also, she tells me that I haven’t apologized to my mom for a second time after my real-life experience in Kampung Daun that I don’t wanna remember again.

Basically, angry American kids just scream, shout, punch at everything, smash everything in their homes, and extend the problem. That helps them relax. No offense, that’s just what’s in my mind when asked about American kids.

The rabbit we keep always reminds us of Roxie, my cousin’s rabbit who died in 2015. However, it’s still a baby bunny. Me and Fina hold the bunny happily, and I slowly forget about that Kampung Daun thing.

It all doesn’t end well. Saka demands us to hand over our bunny to be eaten by his pet tiger (he really actually keeps cats). Slavko comes too, demanding us to stop dating. Saka and his 2 allies hit me on three sides, and after that, they assault Fina, who gets weak after entangled in Slavko’s long braid. And… it happened. #BOOM

The rabbit we kept got eaten in one gulp, head first. It died.

(“An Unwavering Heart” scene)
Khalid: Fina… Fina…
Fina: Khalid? Is that you?
Khalid: I demand you to stop dating with Yudhis. He has psychological issues, now give up on him. That’s what his dad said to you.
Fina: I’ll never do it! Never!
Khalid: Do it.
Fina: NO!
Khalid: DO IT.
Fina: NOOO!!!

When Fina wakes up, she is where she always is after every “An Unwavering Heart” scene – in the Pokemon Center. Rifat and Khalisha are there, while I already return to South Dakota. (still TCoH 3 vibes yooo)

Khalisha: Fina, thank God, you’re awake!
Fina: Khalid? Where are you?
Rifat: He’s nowhere near Ulaanbaatar today. He’s still in Bandung. Calm down, he asks you to be with Yudhis forever. He’s joking about breaking him up.
Khalisha: You always have Khalid on your mind everytime you’re in a coma.
Rifat: Now tell Yudhis’ mom that he has apologized to you for a second time after that Kampung Daun experience that led him to agitation. He has to learn how to control his temper like an Indonesian Muslim from now on. American Muslims are a different story.
Fina: (about to cry)
Khalisha: Aw, grow up, girl. You don’t want baby cookies and some sort of that thing no more.
(Fina hugs Khalisha in tears while Rifat looks in agony)

And that’s about it. Our Heroes say goodbye to the friendly Mongolians, as they set off for the Koreas. Koreas, as in North Korea and South Korea.

Stay tuned!


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