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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 207

Juli 26, 2017

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That night, in the Gangnam District…

Rifat: Davy?
Davy: Yes, Fat?
Rifat: Do you think the Gangnam District is the perfect place to shoot one scene of B5?
Davy: I think so. According to the storyboard artist, this spot will add more tension and darkness of the scene, even under the Korean rain.
Fina: And I’m the camerawoman, right?
Davy: Yup. Do your best, Fin!
(montage of our Heroes doing a shoot for the opening scene of B5, with Arap, Rosanna, Imri, Zafi, Brendan, and Eiza in it. The song is “Tired” by Alan Walker feat. Gavin James)

Meanwhile, in Jeju Island…
Khalisha, Carmina, Dina, and Zahra are enjoying a hot spring before dinner. They enjoy a great talk.

Khalisha: Well, girls, didn’t we have fun today?
Dina: Yeah! And the water’s good too.
Zahra: Khal, tell me, how is your relationship with Rifat now?
Khalisha: Actually, after we broke up, we decided to become best friends. Rifat calls me “dude”. I call him “bro” sometimes.
Zahra: Wow, you really are a good friend!
Carmina: Please. You have to respect these two as friends. Haven’t you heard what Davy said to him and Fina?
Dina and Zahra: (both) No.
Carmina: They’re going to Jeju Island tomorrow!
Dina: What for?
Khalisha: Davy’s going to shoot one part of his new film project, B5. My brother’s starring there. You can’t miss it!
(the 4 girls laugh. Suddenly a sea monster emerges from the water)
Khalisha, Carmina, Dina, and Zahra: AAAAHHHH!!! (they run from the hot springs and into the changing room)
Slavko: Hey, who left these clothing here?
Isaiah: I don’t know. Crazy people?

Back in Seoul.

Davy: Alright, Fin, Fat. Pack your bags ready! Tomorrow we’re leaving for Jeju Island to shoot a scene of B5!
Fina and Rifat: OK!
(our Heroes and Davy tidy up)
Fina: Hey, Dav. Should I bring my camera or…?
Davy: No. We’re hiring a spare cameraman for tomorrow. You’re just observing.
Fina: Yeah, whatever.
(goes back to her hotel room)
Rifat: Hey, Fin.
Fina: Yes, Fat?
Rifat: Do you know what is special about Jeju Island? I tell you; it’s something that every South Korean fan knows about.
Fina: What is it?
Rifat: Their bathhouses! They’re called jjimjilbangs. Every visitor wear towels on their heads like a sheep’s ear and they eat hard-boiled eggs, cracked to their heads.
Fina: Wow, I didn’t know you know so much about Jeju Island. Where did you learn that?
Rifat: My geography encyclopedia. (shows a thick book, possibly 500 pages, as thick as a Holy Qur’an with translation)

The night ends with Davy taking Fina and Rifat to a mall for dinner. They have yangnyeom chicken, some kind of Korean spicy chicken.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!


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