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Hits Radio in August 2017

Juli 27, 2017

Three teenagers.
Two genders.
To bring the name of Bandung’s number-one radio station to the world.

And as our favorite young radio announcer continues her journey around the Asia-Pacific region with her two companions, once again, join Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha as they understand the true meaning of independence in the month of independence. Also, they go back to Southeast Asia, where their country is located. And, more Pokemon training.

Hits Radio in August 2017:
August 1-6: Japan (part 2)
August 7-13: Taiwan
August 14-20: Thailand
August 21-27: Myanmar
August 28-31: Laos (part 1)

Major events in this story:
Japan: Fina’s Stufful evolves into Bewear during a training with Rifat; Fina has her trial with Radit and wins, earning her the Buginium Z.
Taiwan: Fina competes in the fourth grand trial with Mrs. Meta and wins, earning her the Fairium Z; Fina’s Brionne evolves into Primarina.
Thailand: Our Heroes go back to Southeast Asia; Rifat has his trial with Jessica, a Thai boxing instructor, and wins, earning him the Steelium Z; Rifat’s Fletchinder evolves into Talonflame.
Myanmar: no special event.
Laos: Fina’s Steenee evolves into Tsareena during a battle against LDP and M. Ang N. Ak.

And guess who is the main hero of focus in the upcoming Southeast Asian saga?
All three of them! Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha.
Also, Maul will return in an upcoming story.
Mr. Vallen is the Scullaby of focus, taking guard of the purple life energy crystal.
Ratu Ayu Istiqomah is the LDP member of focus.
And last but not least, Jowst is the M. Ang N. Ak member of focus.

And also, at one point you will discover the fact that Brendan and Kirana are actually dating? But that will be in the upcoming Singapore story.

Stay tuned!


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