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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 210

Juli 29, 2017

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That morning, Carmina wakes our Heroes up to take them to the trial site. They’re going to Gyeongju, site of Cheomseongdae Observatory, the world’s oldest astronomical observatory, where Khalisha is going to take on the Totem Pokemon.

As they ride Carmina’s car, Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha listen to a lot of Girls’ Generation on the car radio. When they arrive, they realize that the Koreans are celebrating a festival, wearing hanbok and some sort of that thing. Our Heroes and Carmina take part in the photo session. Davy is there, and he has a camera to take a picture of them. And they eat a lot of kimbap!

As the sun sets, Carmina tells Khalisha the details about her trial. The dialogue is as follows.

Carmina: Alright, Khal. You’re gonna clear this trial for sure. Here’s the thing. You’re gonna walk into the observatory and press 3 blue buttons in the dark. Once pressed, three Pokemon will appear, one at a time. Those are 1 Abra and 2 Kadabra. Then you go back here and press the big blue button in my invention – the Psychic-type Summoner. Once you press it, that’s when the Totem Pokemon, Alakazam, appears. You have to fight empty-handed to fight Totem Alakazam, however you can also use Torracat. OK? Good?
Khalisha: No sweat!
Carmina: Great. Go for it, sister!

Once again, for this battle, Khalisha has to give up Staraptor, and deliberately chooses to go with Minccino, Vulpix, and Togedemaru – her “babies”. And also Torracat.

Now some you might be asking, why doing it in the dark? One reason for this is because the Psychic type is weak to the Dark type. And fear of the dark is a basic fear.

Khalisha presses the first button, and the first Pokemon, an Abra, appears. She sends out Minccino, and Abra is easily knocked out by a single Tail Slap. A third of the observatory then lights up.

Fina: Man, Khalisha’s such a headstrong girl.
Rifat: Abra’s knocked out by Minccino’s Tail Slap. She’s pretty much an experienced trainer. (from afar) Way to go, dude! Keep it up!
Khalisha: No problem! (to Minccino) Alright, Minccino, return.

As Khalisha presses the second button, a Kadabra comes out from nowhere, ready to attack. This time she sends out Vulpix, and it knocks Kadabra out with an Ice Beam, freezing it, followed by a super-effective Feint Attack.

Fina: That’s downright ferocious!
Rifat: Little Vulpix defeated Kadabra only by a Feint Attack. And it’s a Dark-type move. No wonder it was down with one hit.
Fina: (from afar) Keep up the good work, Khalisha!

Two thirds of the observatory is now lit up, and Khalisha presses the third button. Another Kadabra appears from nowhere, and this time she chooses to send out Togedemaru, who knocked this Kadabra out by a Zing Zap. Now you know how it works in TCoH 4 Part 2. Khalisha uses an Escape Rope to get out of the observatory, and now she heads back to Carmina.

Carmina: All done, sis?
Khalisha: You bet I am!
Carmina: Alright, now let’s deploy Totem Alakazam!
Khalisha: Got it! (to Fina and Rifat) Fina, Rifat! Good luck observing me!
Fina and Rifat: No problem!
Fina: Fat, keep an eye on that best friend of yours. Chances are she might faint from deploying a Z-Move…
Rifat: Don’t worry, she trained much.

You know how it works in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which I don’t own.

Totem Alakazam appeared!
Totem Alakazam’s aura flared to life!
It’s stats rose!

For this, Khalisha deliberately chooses to fight empty-handed. She’s a pretty experienced Thai boxer, she goes to the gym once every week, and likes martial arts. Using her swift moves, the first hit has an advantage over Totem Alakazam, who then uses Kinesis to distract her. Then, you know what happened, Totem Alakazam calls its ally Pokemon, a Drowzee. Khalisha sends out Torracat for the part. Yadda yadda yadda, after some hectic turns, she surrounds herself with Z-Power and unleashes Black Hole Eclipse, a super-effective Dark-type Z-Move on Totem Alakazam. And… the battle is over. Khalisha wins.

Carmina: Khalisha, you did it! You defeated Totem Alakazam!
Fina: She did it?!
Carmina: Without fainting!
Rifat: You did it, dude! Keep it up!
Carmina: However, I can’t promise her the Psychium Z just yet. She has to face me first tomorrow! Let’s go back to Seoul.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!


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