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The difference between ‘pundung’ and ‘mutung’

Juli 29, 2017

There’s one thing you will learn from me after reading this post.

You know me, my mom says I lose my temper too easily. She says I can be a little bit ‘pundungan’ or someone who easily gets upset for one reason or another. But in the past she also says I can be ‘mutung’, which is… I don’t know, almost the closest to pundung.

So what is the difference, anyway?
Some might say the difference is the language. Pundung is a Sundanese word and mutung is a Javanese word. They have the same meaning that I can’t describe. However, I’d like to see this as logically wrong. Why?
They’re actually both Bahasa Indonesia words. Pundung is derived from the word “perundung”, which literally means harassment, or someone who tends to bury his or her emotions in his or hear heart. Mutung comes from the word “merutung”, which has no direct translation at all. I don’t know why, I just made up that word. Merutung. The origin of the word is “utung”, which means to make a fuss or grumble for nothing in particular.

Perundung suka merutung.
Jangan suka merutung.
Merutung itu berdosa.
Perundung juga berdosa.

Jalan-jalan ke kota Tanjung,
Jangan lupa membeli soda.
Janganlah kau suka merutung,
Karena merutung itu dosa.

As easy as I am to lose my temper, I can still think about positive things in life. You have to do that as well.


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