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TCoH 4 Part 2, snippet of Japanese story

Juli 30, 2017

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After a week of learning about pop culture, filming a romantic action movie, and training for a Psychic-type trial, our Heroes are setting off from the Land of the Morning Call to the Land of the Rising Sun! That’s right. Fina will face Yubi Band’s vocalist Radit in Japan.

Although none of our Heroes are that of a big fan of Japanese culture, Fina is the most excited because as a child in Indonesia, she grew up listening to a lot of Japanese children’s songs and watched a lot of anime at her home. And as a big fan of Yubi Band, she screamed so hard when he saw Radit and his band rehearsing in the Ginza.

When questioned about his relationship with Shafira, Radit answers it quite simply. He’s still in a relationship with her; they even recorded a song for B5! He also asks Fina to compete in his trial for Buginium Z. That’s right, folks – Radit is a Bug-type specialist. His trial will take place in the Itsukushima Shrine. Rifat and Khalisha will observe Fina’s battling technique. The Totem Pokemon will be either Pinsir or Heracross.

Major events in the Japanese story:
– Fina has her trial battle with Radit and wins, earning her the Buginium Z.
– Fina’s Stufful evolves into Bewear during her training with Rifat.


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