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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 211

Juli 31, 2017

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In the simplest way I can put this…

Yes, Khalisha won her trial battle with Carmina in South Korea, earning her the Psychium Z and therefore recruiting the latter to HAS.

Khalisha’s team:
Torracat, Staraptor, Minccino, Vulpix, Togedemaru.
Carmina’s team:
Espeon, Alolan Cinccino (although there are none in the games), Malamar, Bruxish, Oranguru.

Staraptor vs. Espeon = Staraptor wins
Staraptor vs. Alolan Cinccino = Alolan Cinccino wins
Minccino vs. Alolan Cinccino = Minccino falls asleep; switched with Vulpix
Vulpix vs. Alolan Cinccino = Vulpix wins
Vulpix vs. Malamar = Vulpix wins
Vulpix vs. Bruxish = Bruxish wins
Togedemaru vs. Bruxish = Togedemaru wins
Togedemaru vs. Oranguru = Oranguru wins
Torracat vs. Oranguru = Oranguru wins; Torracat evolves into Incineroar in the process
Minccino vs. Oranguru = Minccino wins, earning Khalisha the Psychium Z

And with that, our Heroes set off to Japan.


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