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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 217

Agustus 5, 2017

Sorry if I missed a few episodes. I’m considering bringing this laptop to the repairman to upgrade it to Windows 10 Creators Update as its license is close to expiration.

But in the meantime…

As our Heroes go to the Ryukyu Islands for Fina’s next trial, Radit explains to her about the details of the trial.

Radit: Fina. Let me give you some advice. This here is an invention of my acquaintance, called the Poke Finder. It allows you take pictures of every Pokemon in the world, without wasting memory. Your task is to take pictures of 3 Bug-type Pokemon in this forest and battle them, and after you finish it, go to the big cedar tree where you will summon the Totem Pokemon – it’s either Pinsir or Heracross. Got it?
Fina: Got it!
Radit: Now let’s rest here for a while with Rifat and Khalisha. Trial starts at 6 pm.
Khalisha: Please, Dit. When it comes to photography, I’m the expert. I have 3 interests; Thai boxing, hair care, and photography.
Radit: I’m not talking about you, Khal. I’m talking about her.

The trial starts.

First round…
Fina fires up the Poke Finder. There she encounters a wild Caterpie upon taking the picture. She decides to go with Pikachu first. Pikachu attacks with Thunderbolt, and it knocked Caterpie out in a single hit. As observers, Rifat and Khalisha are impressed.

Second round…
Fina takes a picture of a wild Metapod in the forest. It attacked, and she decides to go with Steenee, who knocked the Metapod out with a single Razor Leaf. (Keep in mind, these are based in the games, which I don’t own, and there are surprisingly no Bug-type trials). Rifat and Khalisha becomes more impressed.

Third round…
After encountering a wild Butterfree who attacks after being taken a picture of, Fina decides to go with Ribombee. It takes it 2 Pollen Puff attacks to knock this Butterfree out, much to Rifat and Khalisha’s impression.

Fina: I’m finished!
Radit: Very well done. Now go to the cedar tree and see if you can spot the Totem Pokemon!
Khalisha: Go for it, girl!
Rifat: Your progress is in our hands!

There’s a strange presence going on here…
Fire up the Poke Finder?

You are challenged by Totem Pinsir!

Khalisha: It’s a Pinsir?!
Rifat: Dude. Depending on which game you play, it can be either Pinsir or Heracross. Pinsir’s only available on Pokemon Sun, whereas Heracross only on Pokemon Moon. That’s life.
Khalisha: Oh, this is so hard! (to Fina) Fina! Don’t forget to use your strategy to beat Pinsir!
Fina: Don’t worry, Khal! I won’t!

Totem Pinsir’s aura flared to life!
Its stats rose!

Go! Brionne!

Now keep in mind, Brionne will evolve in next week’s Taiwanese story, but that’s a whole other story. You’ll have to wait until the part where Fina challenges Mrs. Meta for the fourth grand trial.

Brionne used Aqua Jet!
Totem Pinsir used X-Scissor!
Totem Pinsir called its ally Pokemon!
Petilil appeared!

Now this is the part where Fina decides to fight empty-handed with Totem Pinsir. Brionne joins in. Yadda yadda yadda, after 8 turns, Pinsir is able to knock Brionne out with a one-hit KO move, Guillotine.

Totem Pinsir used Guillotine!
It’s a one-hit KO!
Brionne fainted!

Rifat: What was that all about?
Khalisha: Listen here, Fat. A one-hit KO move actually landing is one of the biggest trolls in the Pokemon games. And since that Guillotine successfully landed on Brionne, it fainted instantly, and Fina’s left by herself! Look, she’s fighting empty-handed! (to Fina) GO FINA, GO! YOU CAN DO IT!
Rifat: Don’t let Pinsir’s abs fool you!

Out of desperation, Fina decides to deliberately deploy Hydro Vortex, which knocks out Pinsir in the 17th turn. And she successfully does it. Without even fainting. She mastered Hydro Vortex within 3 months!

Khalisha: Fin, how did you do that?
Rifat: You’re amazing! Deploying Hydro Vortex without fainting!
Fina: I did it? I did it!
Radit: No, you didn’t. It’s time to go back to Tokyo and heal us our Pokemon in the nearest Pokemon Center.
Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha: (awkward silence)
Radit: Motorboat?
Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha: Sure!
(rides Radit’s motorboat back to Tokyo)

Slavko: And there they are once again, 4 little wimps going back to the capital city of Japan without a doubt. If we capture them in 2 weeks, we’re gonna have ourselves some good vegetarian sushi and sake, then watch us some Full Metal Alchemist at our basecamp!
Zafi: What are you, Slavko, a weeaboo?
Slavko: Am not! I’m a musical film fan. Musical like Dream Girls, for example.
Zafi: You’re a bad influence, aren’t you? Just wait until Brendan knows this. He’s our proud leader.
Martha: Zafi, get back to work! (pulls Zafi’s ear away from Slavko)

Stay tuned for tomorrow!
All rights belong to their respective owners.


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