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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 218

Agustus 6, 2017

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The story begins when our Heroes have breakfast with Yubi Band to celebrate their departure to Taiwan after Fina clears her trial battle with Radit.

All: Cheers!
Naufal: Alright, this one goes to our friends and acquaintances, the Hits Heroes Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha, who are to depart to Taiwan after the former beats our vocalist Radit in her trial battle.
Rifka: It’s great that she literally beat Totem Pinsir with a single Hydro Vortex. And she did it, without even losing consciousness.
Arya: Hey, Fina.
Fina: Yes?
Arya: Actually, we are the ones contacted by Ardan Group and Dahlia Group to perform in Hits Radio’s end-of-year conference this December. And if you can, you can sing along with us! What do you think? It would be an honorable moment before you and your two friends depart for the Alola region.
Fina: I don’t wanna discuss about it yet…
Rifat: Dude, Arya. By the end of 2017 she has become the chief of Hits Radio, but she don’t wanna reveal it just now.
Arya: Oh. (whispers something to Radit’s ear)
Radit: Fina. The battle starts at 5 pm, in Shibuya.

5 pm

Radit: OK, Fin. Here’s the spot. Rifat, Khalisha, you observe us.
Rifka: Dit, isn’t it too… crazy to have a battle in the middle of the streets?
Radit: Remain silent, Bang.

The battle systematic is as follows.

Fina’s team: Brionne, Toucannon, Pikachu, Steenee, Ribombee.
Radit’s team: Golisopod, Ribombee, Volcarona, Araquanid, Ariados.

Naufal: Alright! In this special day, I will act as referee! On the left side, we have the handsome vocalist of our band, Bug-type specialist, Radit!
Radit: Thanks. Just call me Tio in school anyway.
Naufal: And on the right side, we have the beautiful Hits Hero, with straight bangs, fair skin, and secretly loves to play her violin in her spare time, Fina!
Fina: (smiles cutely)
Naufal: This battle will be a 5-on-5 Pokemon battle between Fina and Radit! You know the drill, when all 5 Pokemon on either side are unable to battle, that trainer loses! And remember, only the challenger will be allowed to substitute Pokemon!
Rifat: This is gonna be so exciting!
Khalisha: Go for it, Fina! (Incineroar, Minccino, Vulpix, and Togedemaru cheer along)
Radit: OK, my first Pokemon! Golisopod, I choose you! (sends out Golisopod)
Khalisha: What’s Golisopod? (scans with her Pokedex)

“Golisopod, the Hard Scale Pokemon. A Bug and Water type. The evolved form of Wimpod. It battles skillfully with its six arms, but spends most of its time peacefully meditating in caves deep beneath the sea.”

Fina: Alright. If you insist, Radit! Toucannon, I choose you! (sends out Toucannon)
Khalisha: (gasps) Good choice!
Rifat: Golisopod’s part Bug type, so using a Flying type move is a big advantage!
Naufal: Ready? Round 1– begin!
Radit: Alright, Golisopod, we make the first move! Use First Impression! (tackles on Toucannon)
Khalisha: That’s supposed to be First Impression?
Rifat: First Impression is similar to Fake Out, only working in the first turn the user is in battle. However, unlike Fake Out, it doesn’t make the target flinch, and the target will keep on moving.
Khalisha: Impressive!
Fina: Toucannon, use Beak Blast!
(Toucannon heats up its beak)
Radit: Golisopod, use Liquidation while it’s heating up its beak!
(Golisopod’s body glows blue with rippling patterns while charging into Toucannon. After the attack, Golisopod glows red, implying it’s burned)
Radit: Ah, Golisopod!
Khalisha: Beak Blast burns the target if it makes direct contact with the user! Impressive!
Rifat: You sure did see what happened during our excursion in Mongolia.
Fina: Toucannon, now! (charges on Golisopod with a glowing red beak)
Radit: Golisopod, stay strong! Use Fury Cutter! (Golisopod’s arm glows)
Fina: Toucannon, dodge it! (Toucannon dodges) Now use Fly! (dives into Golisopod’s body with grace, disabling Fury Cutter) Now use Screech while it’s powerless! (emits soundwaves from its body) Finish it with Drill Peck! (Toucannon’s beak rotates like a drill and attacks Golisopod, knocking it out from the battle)
Naufal: Golisopod is unable to battle! Toucannon wins!

Long story short…
Radit sends out Ribombee as his next Pokemon. Fina decides to remain with Toucannon for the time being. Toucannon heats up its beak before deploying Beak Blast, but Ribombee uses Struggle Bug to lower its Special Attack. Fina orders the Cannon Pokemon to use Hyper Voice, but Ribombee retaliates with Pollen Puff. Radit tells Ribombee to use Quiver Dance, confusing Toucannon. In the meantime, he tells the Bee Fly Pokemon to use Bug Buzz, followed by a Dazzling Gleam, thus knocking Toucannon out of the battle.

But Fina never loses hope. She decides to go with Pikachu this time, which Fina orders to start with a super-effective Iron Tail, which hurts Ribombee severely. She then orders Pikachu to use Agility, doubling its Speed, causing it to move faster and dodge Ribombee’s attacks without ulterior motives. After 2 Thunderbolt attacks, Ribombee is knocked out of the battle.

In the simplest way I can put this…
Toucannon vs. Golisopod = Toucannon wins
Toucannon vs. Ribombee = Ribombee wins
Pikachu vs. Ribombee = Pikachu wins
Pikachu vs. Volcarona = Volcarona wins
Steenee vs. Volcarona = Steenee wins
Steenee vs. Araquanid = Steenee wins
Steenee vs. Ariados = Ariados wins
Ribombee vs. Ariados = Ariados wins

Keep in mind, in the most-anticipated Ariados part, Steenee and Ribombee are both poisoned by Ariados’ Toxic Thread, thus knocking them out easily. And as Fina and Radit are down with their last Pokemon, Fina decides to send out Brionne.

Fina: Brionne, this is our last chance!
Brionne: (barks like a sea lion)
Fina: Use Aqua Jet!
(Brionne’s body becomes completely enveloped in water, charging into Ariados)
Radit: Ariados, dodge it!
(Ariados dodges)
Radit: Now use Pin Missile on Brionne!
(Ariados’ horn glows and shoots even more “horns” on Brionne)
Fina: Stay strong, Brionne! Use Double Slap!
Radit: Dodge, Ariados!
(Ariados dodges again)
Radit: Now use Toxic Thread!
(Ariados is ready to shoot more purple thread from its mouth)
Radit: On Fina!
(Fina is afflicted by Toxic Thread)
Rifat and Khalisha: (gasp)
Rifat: Keep strong, Fina! Toxic Thread is a strong move, that in a single hit, it can badly poison the target aside from lowering its Speed!
Fina: I– I can’t hear you… this poison is spreading very quickly…
Radit: Hm. (claps his hands) Nicely done, Fina. You proved us you are a strong trainer. And you are still one too. Even Toxic Thread can afflict a human trainer. Come on, girl. It’s just the beginning. Don’t even think about using Hydro Vortex as the fainting risk can be bigger.

After 14 hectic turns…

Fina: Brionne, use Bubble Beam while Ariados is helpless! (trying to talk desperately)
(Brionne emits countless bubbles from its mouth, rendering Ariados more helpless)
Fina: Finish it with Aqua Jet!
(Brionne uses Aqua Jet, knocking Ariados out of the battle)
Naufal: Ariados is unable to battle! The winner is Brionne! Which means this battle’s victory goes to– (Fina faints) Fina…
Rifat and Khalisha: Fina? Fina! Wake up, girl! You’re impressive!
(Naufal, Arya, and Rifka try to wake Fina up as well)
Radit: (What have I done, God? Someone please call 911…)

Aaand this is where you would expect another “An unwavering heart” scene.

Fina: Khalid?
Khalid: Fina. I’m wrong.
(Fina remains silent)
Khalid: After all these times, I still think Yudhis is a good guy. You can still date him all you want. Since he remains silent in the class, he becomes less and less annoying, although me and my friends have to question his silence. Go on, Fin. Date him.
Fina: Lid? Why can’t I move…?

As always, at the end of this scene, Fina finds herself awake in where she always is after every “An unwavering heart” scene – in the nearest Pokemon Center.

Fina: Where am I?
Arap: You’re where you always are after every “An unwavering heart” scene. Once again, these 2 kids saved your life, and we had to spend 30 minutes to cure your poisoning. Also, your face was red during the treatment because the red stands for– once again, say it with me…
Rifat, Khalisha, and Radit: The bloodshed of those who fight for every country.
Fina: Kang Arap??? Why are you always treating me?
Arap: Don’t you remember? I’m currently completing my S2 program in medicine by traveling around the world.
Rifat: But we thought you never go to college.
Arap: You never watch my Draw My Life video. I went to medicine school.
Khalisha: How is it, Fin? Any better?
Fina: Thank God, I’m feeling refreshed. All because of you two, Radit, and Kang Arap.
Arap: Don’t thank me. (awkward silence) Tenzaru soba?

And that’s how the story ends.
Our Heroes, Yubi Band, and Arap have dinner in the nearest restaurant. As the Tokyo night sky fills with stars, it’s time for our Heroes to say goodbye to Radit before they go to Taiwan… and go back there again in December.

To Be Continued
A Walt Disney Production (I don’t own Disney)


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