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Making a parody of Korean dramas

Agustus 9, 2017

Korean drama title parodies? Say what?

Yeah, that’s kinda me this afternoon. Before I went to SSC for tutoring, I decided I would do something a bit different. My mom loves Korean drama series, she watches it everyday via her tablet, and I love Korean pop culture. Then I wrote something in the class whiteboard – some parodies of popular Korean drama series.

Some of them include:
– My Love from Jalan Pesantren (parody of My Love from the Star)
– Lovers in Ciburial (parody of Lovers in Paris)
– Descendants of Tapos (parody of Descendants of the Sun)
– Boys Over Cikajang (parody of Boys Over Flowers)
– You Are Bang Somad (parody of You Are Too Much)
– Kepala Desa and I (parody of Prime Minister and I)
– Robin: The Lonely and Great Kuncen (parody of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)

And for the record, I made an original title – The Cibiru Summer. It most likely refers to my friend Syahrul. He lives in Cibiru, and it’s always hot there. No wonder why I made that title.

Drama Korea rasa Bandung~ hehehe.


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