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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 224

Agustus 12, 2017

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Our Heroes arrive at Kaohsiung, when suddenly…

Hasna: Finaaa!
Fina: Hasna? (rushes to Hasna) Hasnaaa! (hugs Hasna)
Hasna: Oh my gosh, how have you been?
Fina: Never been better. Hey, Has, how come you’re here?
Hasna: I’m visiting. My brother Abang Salim is working for a Taiwanese company, and I’m visiting him. Fin, I heard you are going to face Mrs. Meta in the fourth grand trial?
Fina: How do you know?
Hasna: I’ve seen everything. Chief Liow even told me you were going to Kaohsiung. Wanna go for some bubble drinks?
Fina: Don’t mind if I do! (shows some sismance with Hasna and both walk to the nearest bubble drink bar)
Rifat: You know, Khal, if there’s one thing that will never change from Fina, it’s her friendship with Hasna. They like the same food, have the same skin tone, their hair is the same length, and they have kind of the same ancestral roots.
Khalisha: Once again, Fat, Fina is Makassarese and Hasna is Minangkabau. Tell the difference. Get it right.

Meanwhile, in the summit of Mount Qixing…

Zafi: You! Where do you think you’re going?
Mrs. Meta: Look, Zaf. As you all know, we’re trying to get good quality Fairium Z at the summit of the highest peak in Taipei. And we’re getting it NOW!
Zafi: Martha, these guys are out of their minds.
Martha: Meta, Fairium Z is ours. Once it’s ours, you have nothing to give to that straight-banged Hero!
Mr. Roni: They’re stubborn.
Mr. Vega: Why can’t they be like remote sensing, always telling the truth?
Mrs. Meta: Zafi, Martha. You have two choices. Either we fight empty-handed or with a Pokemon battle.
Zafi: We choose empty-handed 10 times out of 10.
Mrs. Meta: Well, if we were you, we’d choose a Pokemon battle.
Martha: Then why not both? If we win, Fairium Z is ours. If you win, Fairium Z is yours, and you can give Fina something worth performing a Z-Move for.
Mrs. Meta: You said it!

Aaand the Scullabies begin their fight with LDP and M. Ang N. Ak. Mrs. Meta sends out Primarina while Martha transforms into Xurkitree. Lany, Mr. Roni, Mr. Vega, and Mr. Vallen are observing since they decide to go together since day 1 in Taiwan. The result is unexpected. The Scullabies win only by Primarina’s Sparkling Aria.

Martha: Fine, Met… Fairium Z is yours now… we failed getting a Z-Crystal 4 times… next time, I’ll ask Ratu Ayu and Joakim to do it instead… first Eyon, Paopao, and Slavko, then Guntur and Isaiah, followed by Mamun and Hovig, and now, us…
Mrs. Meta: It’s OK. We’ve been through thick and thin several times. Granted there’s a saying, “milk water is rewarded with tubal water”.
Zafi: If you fail us again for the fifth time, we’ll finish you!

Keep in mind, the Scullabies, LDP, and M. Ang N. Ak fight when Fina and Hasna are training, so we don’t have to write the part where the girls train for the fourth grand trial.

Hasna: Hey, Fina?
Fina: Yes, Has?
Hasna: Do you mind if I go to the Shilin Night Market tomorrow night with you, Rifat, and Khalisha? I’d love to see you battling Mrs. Meta!
Fina: Sure! (both girls hug)
Hasna: You’re a good friend, Fina.
Fina: Back at you, Has.
Rifat: After all, they’re kind of sisters. Fighter plane-loving sisters.
Khalisha: Kind of.

Stay tuned!

Cast (yes, I haven’t mentioned the cast since FOREVER):
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Muhammad Fauzan Rifat
– Khalisha Salma

– Valentino Rizky Pamuji
– Meta Inmasari Tarigan
– Roni Saftari
– Muhammad Octavega Nurrizki
– Lany Andini Nurfitradewi

– Martha Patricia

M. Ang N. Ak:
– Zafirah Ayuni Ridwan

Special appearance:
– Hasna Lathifah


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