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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 226

Agustus 14, 2017

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The story begins in the LDP Headquarters.

Shandy: You… you failed for the fourth time in the row?!
Martha: We’re really sorry, Boss. It was a mistake. We only came for good quality Z-Crystals, and those Scullabies were in our way.
Brendan: And you didn’t hold those Heroes hostage during their East Asian journey?!
Zafi: (Russian accent) We did attempt a hostage in Mongolia, but somehow that Fina girl broke free after discovering her boyfriend’s psychological issues. #RememberKampungDaun
Shandy: Enough reasoning! Let’s make a deal.
Brendan: If you two villainous teams fail for the sixth time, we’ll disband you both.
Shandy: But, we have a reward. For LDP, if you guys fail in the fifth time, you are free to finish those Scullabies. I hear Vallen is holding the fifth grand trial in Singapore.
Brendan: And for M. Ang N. Ak… you. If you fail for the fifth time, you can hold the Heroes hostage in Samalona Island by this December! But it takes time.
Shandy: Bren, shall we call our last chances?
Brendan: Sure. RAI, Jowst!
(Ratu Ayu Istiqomah (a.k.a. RAI) and Jowst approach)
Shandy: Here’s the plan. Go to Southeast Asia. Your first stop is Thailand. RAI, find every possible way to get the Heroes’ Pokemon and kill them. Jowst, hold the Heroes hostage and don’t let them break free. Understand?
RAI and Jowst: Understood.
Brendan: Now get out there and catch them red-handed!

Meanwhile, our Heroes are studying with their friends in HAS’ branch office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chief Liow: Alright, class. Quiet, quiet. You guys are going to be joined by a new student. (a handsome, tall young man walks into the class with an athletic posture) Kijan, tell us your name.
Kijan: My name is Rizky Fauzan.
Chief Liow: So, Kijan is an abbreviation of your name…
Kijan: Sure, just call me that. Don’t call me Rizky, don’t call me Fauzan. Just call me Kijan.
Chief Liow: What’s the most interesting about yourself?
Kijan: I love kicking people’s butts. I’m a Thai boxer.
Chief Liow: Wow, a Thai boxer! Never expected one in my class before. Teach the girls here Thai boxing, would you? Welcome to the jungle, Kijan! Sit right next to Fina.
(Kijan sits right next to Fina)
Kijan: So you’re that Fina girl everyone is talking about. Hi, Fina. I’m going to kick your butt.
Fina: (gasps, then laughs) Kicking my butt? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in all my life!
Kijan: NO! I mean it.
Fina: Jan, you’ve got to be kidding me. You can’t possibly kick my– (Kijan rips off his chest hairs revealing an uppercase “I MEAN IT”) Whoa. You really mean it.
Kijan: I have to do it because I’m always angry.
Chief Liow: Kijan. You’re not paying attention, aren’t you? OK. Now, meet your new friends. This is Rifat, this is Khalisha, then Abiel, Disya, Ragil, Hasna, Arly, Fadhil, Syauqi, bla bla bla…
Fina: Chandra, can I ask for a permission for the rest of my life from HAS?
Chief Liow: Not until you become Chief, but… I guess.

In our Heroes’ room…
Fina: Khal, help me. Kijan wants to kick my butt. He’s always angry.
Khalisha: Don’t say that, Fina. He’s a new student here, he deserves a lot of respect. Say, if you have no idea what to do, why don’t you come with me?

In one of Bangkok’s biggest parks, Rama IX Park…

Jessica: Alright, boys! This is your first time in Thailand as Street Workout. You’re gonna undergo strict training. Oh, you’re a girl. What’s your name?
Khalisha: My name’s Khalisha. This is my friend, Fina. She has a problem. (to Fina) Fin, this is Jessica. She’s a Thai boxing instructor, and a trial captain. And these are my Street Workout friends. Khalid, Insan, Rama, Fajar, Rafif, and Wildan.
Khalid: We’ve met before.
Khalisha: You see, Fin, at one point I’ve asked if Rifat and Kijan want to join us. Indeed, Rifat is chosen to face Jessica in the trial for Steelium Z here.
Fina: What flavor is Steelium Z?
Khalisha: That’s a hard question. The people here say it’s a vanilla flavor, but with a marshmallow aftertaste.

Also I forgot to mention that our Heroes once again change their attires, like they do every time they arrive in a new region. Fina doesn’t change her pants (they’re green), but she does wear a purple tank top with green accents. Khalisha wears a red gingham shirt outside a light blue T-shirt, and her pants are black. Rifat? At one point he changes his East Asian attire to a white long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans.

Stay tuned! Episode 227 is coming up tomorrow night at 8PM.

– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Muhammad Fauzan Rifat
– Khalisha Salma
– Rizky Fauzan
– Chandra Timothy Liow
– Khalid Izzatul Akbar
– Rafif Dzakwan Raihansyah
– Tubagus Insan Kamil
– Muhammad Wildan Ramadhani
– Muhammad Fajar
– Rayyan Ziya Maulana
– Shandy Koo
– Brendan Murray
– Monica Tan
– Joakim With Steen


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