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How I made Fina the main character of the TCoH series

Agustus 17, 2017

Look, we get it. My 4th year anniversary with Fina is only 2 days away, the same day my dude Ghafiki celebrates his 19th birthday, but I decide to do this earlier since I plan to go to Bogor this Saturday. So, happy 1,826 days with you, Fin. We’ve been through our ups and downs, but you’re still as beautiful.

So, to commemorate this, I would like to tell you the backstory of how I made this girlfriend of mine the main character of The Chronicles of Hits series.

It all started in February 2013 when I was stalking my Twitter, and saw these tweets that a girl is involved in a motorcycle accident with Ghafiki’s sister Medina. Nobody knew that this girl would become the love of my life. Her name is Afiany Nur Fadilah, but she prefers to be called Fina. Then I decided to make her a supporting cast of The Chronicles of Hits, in the New Zealand story. Ever since then, I made appearances of her in many TCoH 1 stories, and she has made more and more appearances towards the end of the original TCoH.

In TCoH 2, this is where things get more interesting. In this series, every TCoH 2 story takes part every 1 month, and the main topic is the fight between Hits Radio against Ardan Radio. Fina gets more roles in the Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Makassar, and UniVandalis stories.

Starting in TCoH 3, Fina is now the official main character of The Chronicles of Hits series, accompanied by her friends Tasya, Mufida, Medina (all from Threedom) and Dzaky (from Victory or Fifthory). Her objective in TCoH 3 was to rescue Uncle Amru and the senior Heroes from the Lost World by traveling around the US. This was also where she became enemies with Hasna, but eventually they become best friends in TCoH 4. They received Chaos Emeralds (from Sonic the Hedgehog games) from the Super Seven and fought against the Knife Brothers and the Alcent Apples.

In TCoH 4, our Heroes joined famous Indonesian YouTubers like Edho Zell, Aulion, Benakribo, Dina Dino Day, and Usama Harbatah on a trip to find the Spectral Realm. And heck, she was only 1 step closer to being Chief of Hits Radio. The Spectral Realm itself was Germany (specifically Berlin and Stuttgart) when it was attacked by the Trolls, who were the main villains of this series. In this series too, they help cure the Super Seven’s possessions and restore the Chaos Emeralds

And now, in TCoH 4 Part 2, Fina studies even harder in the Hits Academy of Sydney (HAS) where she and her current traveling companions Rifat and Khalisha (it’s like the Pokemon series, I don’t own Pokemon) are embarking on a journey throughout the Asia-Pacific region to find Z-Crystals in order to go back to Indonesia.

What will the stories in TCoH 5: Homecoming look like after she becomes Chief? Nobody knows. But I promise, as the writer, it’s gonna be a big surprise!

All rights belong to their respective owners.


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