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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 230

Agustus 18, 2017

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With Makuta on her hands, Fina and our Heroes are ready to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day on HAS’ branch office in Bangkok, Thailand. The Makuta is, as promised, colored red and white to mimic the flag of Indonesia.

Fina: Guys, look what I’ve got!
HAS students: MAKUTA!
(everyone rushes in to get one piece of Makuta)
Rifat: Don’t fight. Everyone gets 1 or so piece.
Khalisha: Makuta’s a rare cake from our country.
(Kijan is still sitting)
Rifat: Hey, Kijan! Don’t you want a piece of Makuta around here?
Kijan: I’ve ate 5 ounces of fried bananas today. It’s therapeutic.
Khalisha: Aw, come on, Jan. Fina made it.
(Kijan remains silent)
Khalisha: Kijan? Come on, Kijan!
Fina: Yes! I also make sure your part is the most perfect.
Kijan: Thanks, Fina. But I won’t accept a villagers’ cake from you!

Kijan sits down with his legs crossed. Our Heroes feel something bad is going on.

Kijan: I have a special behavior if I don’t receive food to my liking. At my home, everyone accepts my reasons. Everywhere. I will do it… like this!
(Kijan runs over to Fina, shakes his hands, dropping the Makuta to the floor, and punches her on the face)
Kijan: I do it because I’m a highly respected person here. I call HAS my residence too. There’s nothing wrong about it. You also know I don’t like cakes made by villagers LIKE YOU!
Fina: (her eyes fill with tears, then screams) AAAAHHH!!! AAAH! My cake! My cake is ruined! Mr. Dadi! Chief Liow! Look what Kijan did! My cake! My cake is ruuuined!
(Mr. Dadi and Chief Liow rush to the class)
Fina: Sir, Chief! My cake is ruined! Kijan did it! Now I’m broke!
Mr. Dadi: Um… tell us the truth. Don’t be afraid to do it. Me and Chief Liow are listening.
Fina: I… I made a cake for us to eat for Indonesia’s independence day, but Kijan was very angry at me, he ruined it. And look. He even punched my face. (still crying)
(everyone tells their arguments)
Kijan: Enough! Oh, Mr. Dadi, Chief Liow, everything these guys told us were lies. It was an accident. Really, I wasn’t doing it!
Fina: (pissed off) HE LIED!!! He said I can’t make a cake… but me, Rifat, and Khalisha made it with hard work… he ensured us that every food should be as per his taste… then who made that cake for HIM?!?!?!
Khalisha: Calm down, Fina. You still haven’t learn from that March 16 incident, do you? When Yudhis hit 3 of his friends during movie class?
Mr. Dadi: Chief Liow, I guess you can try handling Kijan. (to Fina) Come on, Daughter. Come on, don’t be sad. (takes Fina outside)
Chief Liow: We got to talk.

Minutes later…

Kijan is in the school alley, waiting for Fina.

Fina: Hi, Kijan.
Kijan: (sarcastically) Hi. The Chief told me to say something to you.
Fina: What is it?
Kijan: About that Makuta… I guess you could say it cost a million Thai bahts, which in turn cost billions of Indonesian rupiahs to make.
Fina: Did you like it?
Kijan: Ah, not to worry. Rifat liked it, Khalisha liked it, Hasna liked it, Arly liked it… and I did too! But I had to do that because… I’m angry with you.
Fina: What for?
Kijan: I’ll never tell. I’m always angry on purpose. In turn, I had to hit you in the face.
Fina: If you had to hit me, why would you wanna do that?
Kijan: To make sure I’ve learned everything from Street Workout.
Fina: (silent for 3 minutes, then says something) Kijan, you have a mom, a dad, and 2 beautiful sisters who love you. Who taught you your manners?
Kijan: My parents.
Fina: Good. Now say you’re sorry.
Kijan: I’m not sorry.
Fina: What?
Kijan: I’m not sorry.
Fina: Say that for a third time and I’ll hit you back in the face.
Kijan: I’M NOT SORRY! (hits Fina again) Who told you I’m sorry? ‘Cause I’m not!
(Fina’s eyes fill with tears again, and runs to her and Khalisha’s room)

Enjoy a footage of Fina crying in the bathroom, Khalisha comforting her, and Kijan closing himself from society due to excessive anger.
(MUSIC: Aldy Maldini – “Biar aku yang pergi”)

Stay tuned! Episode 231 is coming up, but I’ll be in Bogor at the time the episode will be written.
MAIN IDEA: Rifat faces his Totem Pokemon Trial in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Totem Pokemon is Aggron.


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