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Hits Radio in October 2017

September 29, 2017

They’ve come from Indonesia for just that one goal – to bring the name of Bandung’s number-one radio station to the world. And now, with Maul by their side, our Heroes Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha are ready to conclude their Asian adventures this October, before heading out to the Pacific Islands on their way to the fictional Alola region.

October 1: Malaysia (part 2)
October 2-8: Brunei
October 9-15: East Timor
October 16-22: Singapore
October 23-29: Return to Australia
October 30-31: New Zealand (part 1)

Major events in this story:
Malaysia (part 2):
– Following an incident in Kampong Daun (not to be confused with the July 11 incident), Fina gets angry and resigns from Hits Radio.
– LDP and M. Ang N. Ak successfully hold Fina hostage and bring her to Sarawak.
– Our Heroes, Chief Liow, and Barby board on a fighter plane to save Fina, only to find her ending up being brought to Brunei.

Brunei (I’ll be writing this during the mid-test week, after I finish taking notes on what will be tested):
– During hostage, Fina stays in Lembah Bougenville with Garok Asmoking and Aspri Nurdin, and meets me.
– Our Heroes, Chief Liow, and Barby rescue Fina.
– Barby’s Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o, later into Kommo-o, and learns Clanging Scales.
– Following my advice, Fina goes back to Hits Radio after an apology.
– Barby sets off for his heritage trip to Europe.

East Timor:
– Our Heroes defeat Garok and Aspri in Atauro Island.
– Maul leaves our Heroes back to HAS.

– Our Heroes face the last grand trial with Mr. Vallen and win, earning Rifat the Ghostium Z.
– LDP and M. Ang N. Ak are arrested, after a long-term disagreement with the Scullabies, rendering the latter group victorious.
– Khalisha’s Vulpix evolves into an Alolan Ninetales.

Return to Australia:
– Our Heroes return to HAS to study more.
– Chief Liow informs the class A students of HAS (yes, our Heroes are in that class) that either one of our Heroes is actually a Pokemon, and that within 2 months, Fina, Rifat, or Khalisha will return to the Pokemon world, but will eventually go back to the human world to study. Or, a weird Pokemon (Cosmog) is discovered in Kalgoorlie, and our Heroes are required to look after it for the remainder of the series. Depending on which Hero is turned into a Pokemon in the first option, they will be turned into one of the Alola starters of their choices; Rifat into Rowlet, Khalisha into Litten, and Fina into Popplio.
– LDP and M. Ang N. Ak break free from jail, bringing 4 new villains; Garok, Aspri, Peadar Donnelly, and Iwana Saraswati. And they want that Cosmog! If I choose to write with the second option.

New Zealand:
– Our Heroes embark on their Oceania journey for the first time.
– Fina reminisces her cycling accident with Medina from TCoH 1.
– Our Heroes take part in a Nickelodeon Guts-style sports tournament in Rotorua.

Stay tuned!


From → TCoH 4 Part 2

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