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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 288

Oktober 15, 2017

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Due to a lack of idea, let’s just summarize this episode.

Upon their comeback to Atauro Island, our Heroes are caught in a cage falling from the sky and you know who does it. It’s the bad guys again; LDP and M. Ang N. Ak. Also Dane can no longer become human because the cage is human transformation-proof. Admitting helpless, our Heroes can’t think of anything more, but Khalisha orders Cinccino to use Psycho Tail (basically just a Psychic-type version of Tail Slap) to break open the cage. With that, Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, and Maul are free and ready to fight against the baddies.

Rifat agrees with Jowst that they fight empty-handed, with a Pokemon battle twist. He sends out Decidueye, Fina sends out Primarina, and Khalisha sends out Incineroar. They fight ferociously, while Maul looks from afar and bottle-feeds Dane. And for the moment of truth, our Heroes merge together with their Pokemon to perform their Z-Moves. Rifat deploys Sinister Arrow Raid, Khalisha deploys Malicious Moonsault, and Fina deploys Oceanic Operetta. And without any bloodshed, they win against the bad guys.

As the East Timorese sun sets in the sky, Maul departs to HAS and she agrees with our Heroes to become best friends forever. She shares a hug with Fina and bids farewell to our Heroes.

And there they are, saying goodbye to the beautiful Timorese people as they leave for their last Asian country in their adventures – Singapore.



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