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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 289

Oktober 16, 2017

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Mr. Vallen: There it is… the Ghostium Z! Finally mine! (rushes with the Scullabies to get Ghostium Z)
LDP Grunt: Not so fast, assassin! Where do you think you’re going?
M. Ang N. Ak Grunt: Jowst and RAI ordered us to get you red-handed for attempting to get the Ghostium Z!
Mr. Vallen: But I need it for my grand trial! I’m holding it here!
LDP Grunt: Fine, if that’s what you want.
M. Ang N. Ak Grunt: Listen, you! Meet us on Saturday at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve! We’re gonna have an empty-handed fight there! (evil laughs)
Mr. Vallen: There’s only one thing that can stop you from stealing Ghostium Z from Singapore.
LDP Grunt: What is it?
Mr. Vallen: The Hits Heroes.

Meanwhile, our Heroes are staying in their hotel room in Singapore, shortly 5 hours after arrival. While Fina is grooming herself, Rifat and Khalisha are playing a first-person shooting game in Rifat’s new Nintendo Switch.

Rifat: Come on, Khal! Don’t play dirty!
Khalisha: Shut up, Fat! Can’t you see I’m trying to shoot? My army’s still strong!
Rifat: It’s like you never know how to play Call of Duty: Black Ops III! (he and Khalisha keep on playing. Just then Fina has gotten out of the shower, fully clothed)
Fina: What’s all the ruckus, dudes?
Khalisha: Nothing. Just enjoying playing CoD in Rifat’s Nintendo Switch. Much better than playing AOV or Air Navy Fighters.
TV Announcer: We’re interrupting your gaming session to give you a live report from Meikarta!
Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha: MEIKARTA?!
Rifat: Feel the hype, guys! Meikarta’s going to develop anytime soon!
TV Reporter: We’re reporting from Meikarta. We just got another news that the smart city is going to expand its territory as far as Bandung and Cimahi.
Fina: That’s where we live!
TV Reporter: Areas that will be the subject of the construction will be Jalan Pesantren, Margahayu, and Cisaranten. That’s all. This is me, Indi Arisa, reporting from the scene.
Rifat: Haha, that was fun! Let’s watch it again.
Fina: They’re kidding, Fat.
Rifat: What? What do you even mean?
Fina: It’s our homes, Fat!
Khalisha: They’re gonna destroy part of our housing complexes to build an autonomous city state!
Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha: (scream. Suddenly the telephone rings. Khalisha picks it up)
Khalisha: Hello?
Chief Liow: This is Chandra. Have you heard the news?
Khalisha: …About Meikarta?
Chief Liow: Yes. Lippo Group is going to destroy your homes, and we’ve gotta act fast. We’ve only got until your graduation day to stop them from building that city state! Now where are you?
Khalisha: We’re in Singapore for the fifth and last grand trial.
Chief Liow: Oh. Be safe, kids! Enjoy your trip! (hangs up)
Khalisha: Come on, guys! To the business district!

Our Heroes get out of the hotel for adventures.
Meanwhile, two teenagers are walking down the streets of Orchard Road. One is a boy, holding a camera, and the other is a girl, listening to music.

Jose: All done, Baruc?
Baruc: Not yet. There’s still yet to be news for Singaporean TV.
Jose: Alright. We’ll just have to look for somewhere else.
Fina: So, where do we start?
Rifat: Let’s start from the Orchard Road. I heard they sell good quality– (distracted by camera flash) Who are you?
Jose: (in Portuguese) Greetings, tourists! We’re from Meikarta TV.
Fina: Meikarta TV? Meikarta has a TV station?
Jose: (in Portuguese) That’s right! I’m Jose Carlos Mendes, a 16-year-old photographer from Lisbon, Portugal. This is my girlfriend, Baruc Maulani Nurdin. She’s a journalist and a reporter.
Baruc: Hola!
Fina: You look like Maul, my friend.
Jose: Please, may I have your names at least?
Fina: (trying to speak Portuguese) Uh… I– my name is–
Khalisha: Dude, it’s OK. Just speak English. They speak fluent English here. (to Jose) I’m Khalisha Salma, and these are my friends, Afiany Nur Fadilah and Muhammad Fauzan Rifat. We’re from Hits Radio Bandung.
Baruc: You’re from Hits Radio Bandung?
Jose: 103.9 FM?
Baruc: We’re proud live streamers!
Rifat: Aw, you shouldn’t have.

Jose and Baruc guide our Heroes to someplace futuristic.

Jose: Alright. (puts down some books in front of them) You see, Meikarta is now trying to expand its development territories as far as your homes.
Rifat: That’s what we’re trying to explain. Our homes are in danger. If Lippo Group tries to push this, our homes could be destroyed, and our Chief would have to give Hits Radio’s rights to the past villains that the older Heroes had fought.
Baruc: And we heard that you’re on your way to face Mr. Vallen’s grand trial. We know him, you know.
Jose: Chief Liow called. He said I was tasked to write down the place names you will visit before you face Mr. Vallen in Marina Bay Sands. Here they are… bla bla bla… got it?
Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha: Roger that!

Long story short, our Heroes go to their first destinations; Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. They are required to find three secret ingredients without the LDP and M. Ang N. Ak Grunts knowing. Rifat is assigned to Chinatown, Khalisha to Little India, and Fina to Kampong Glam. However, they are busted for stealing the ingredients and are pursued by Singaporean police. They do run away safely and to celebrate their first day in Singapore, our Heroes enjoy a hamburger in Boat Quay.

Stay tuned! Episode 290 is coming up next.


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