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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 295

Oktober 22, 2017

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I skipped episode 294 because of the same internet problem. So anyway…

After obtaining Ghostium Z from Bukit Timah, Mr. Vallen takes our Heroes for lunch in Hotel Raffles. He then discusses about the details of the fifth and last grand trial. He trusts Rifat to battle him, and he agrees, considering he has a Decidueye.

As a result, Fina and Khalisha will act as observers to his battling. The battle takes place in Marina Bay Sands.

In the simplest way we can explain the battle…
Rifat’s team: Decidueye, Lycanroc, Cleffa, Sandslash, Talonflame, Greninja.
Mr. Vallen’s team: Jellicent, Alolan Marowak, Aegislash, Cofagrigus, Sableye, and Decidueye.

Kirana is the referee. You know Kirana, she’s my friend, debuting in TCoH 3’s Maine story, has close ties to Medina, and trains Gaming Grape.

Lycanroc vs. Jellicent = Lycanroc wins
Lycanroc vs. Marowak = Marowak wins
Cleffa vs. Marowak = Cleffa wins
Cleffa vs. Aegislash = Aegislash wins
Talonflame vs. Aegislash = Talonflame wins
Talonflame vs. Cofagrigus = Cofagrigus wins
Greninja vs. Cofagrigus = Greninja wins
Greninja vs. Sableye = Sableye wins
Greninja vs. Decidueye = Decidueye wins
Sandslash vs. Decidueye = Decidueye wins

And this part has to be addressed, in which Rifat’s Decidueye and Mr. Vallen’s Decidueye battle.

Mr. Vallen: Well done, Rifat. You proved us, the Scullabies, that you have gained more and more confidence and fearlessness from traveling around Asia with Fina and Khalisha. You’re not gonna give up, aren’t you?
Rifat: I won’t! In fact, we wanna thank you for being the best trial captain whom we have ever faced! And the best teacher.
Mr. Vallen: H-H-How do you know I’m a teacher?!
Rifat: Easy! (mimicking Mr. Vallen) HELLOOO!
Mr. Vallen: That is the one thing I would say when I teach! That’s it, then! Let’s continue battling!
Rifat: Ready! (about to deploy a Z-Move) Alright, Justin (Decidueye’s nickname)! This is our choice! (merges with Justin) Allow our powers to conglomerate as one! SINISTER ARROW RAID!!! (countless arrows circle around Rifat’s body, crushing into Mr. Vallen’s Decidueye, knocking it out of the battle)
Kirana: Decidueye is unable to battle! Decidueye wins! Therefore, this match goes to Rifat from Hits Radio!
Rifat: Justin, we won! (high-fives with Justin)

And with that, Rifat is trusted with a Ghostium Z that can convert any Ghost-type move into the Z-Move Never-Ending Nightmare. Of course it only works when someone has beaten Mr. Vallen in his trial. And now, our Heroes are set to go back to Australia after 10 months of Asian adventures! But their adventure doesn’t end here.

A Walt Disney Production

Stay tuned! Episode 296 is coming up next.


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