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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 341

Desember 7, 2017

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Our Heroes are staying in a hotel near the shopping mall they practiced dancing yesterday. During their stay, the girls (minus Khalisha because she’s siding with the boys) share a friendly talk.

Hasna: I like it here.
Fina: Isn’t it great? Just us three, Grigol, and our Pokemon here.
Hasna: You know, the tropical snow here in Fiji is uncommon, as Fiji is a two-season country, meaning they only experience the dry season and the wet season.
Maul: What do you like from both seasons, Has?
Hasna: You don’t remember when we were in Latvia? During the Endless Winter, we figure skated there. I actually like skating very much. Every summer, I rollerblade. Every winter, I figure skate. I also like snowboarding when winter comes.
Fina: Good for you! Skating is actually very healthy for your body because it involves speed. Your legs feel light because there’s that momentum and impulse, bla bla bla…
Grigol: Girls! Back to work!
Fina, Hasna, and Maul: Yes, Grigol.

Meanwhile, in Vanuatu…
Slavko: So those Heroes managed to befriend 5 LDP members…
Isaiah: Yeah, so what?
Slavko: I’m– I’M SO ANGRY! They’re supposed to be beaten! (turns on to Isaiah, Hovig, Zafi, and Jowst) From this moment on, we vow vengeance!
Zafi: Boss, isn’t that too… violent to vow vengeance in Vanuatu?
Slavko: Shut up! That’s why. We’re gonna make it snow in Vanuatu, and we’re gonna make a black diamond slope in Mount Tabwemasana, and we’re gonna tell Hasna to clear it without fail!
Hovig: And why is that a big deal?
Slavko: Because Hasna likes snowboarding, and we bet she can’t clear this one!
Jowst: So?
Slavko: Pay attention to this diagram I made. After she clears Mount Tabwemasana, she’s gonna skim the frozen sea surface to Espiritu Santo Island where our trusty martial artists armed with spears are gonna test Hasna’s grace and strength! She’d better pay attention, though, because the spear is sharp and it’s gonna break her hair, and she can’t do anything! HAHAHA!!!
Isaiah, Hovig, Zafi, and Jowst: (sigh in agony)

That night, after a delicious dinner, our Heroes get a call from Chief Liow.

Chief Liow: Heroes!
Hits Heroes: Yes, Chief?
Chief Liow: Have you heard the news in Fijian TV? M. Ang N. Ak are vowing vengeance in Vanuatu because you befriended 5 LDP members!
Fina: What?! I thought we are supposed to do so!
Chief Liow: Not for M. Ang N. Ak! They don’t like it if you befriend LDP! Now here’s the deal. Abiel, Davy, Rifat, and Khalisha. You go back to Tokyo, where I am. Fina, Hasna, and Maul. You go to bed now, and leave for Port Vila, Vanuatu after 10 PM. Board a plane from Nadi Airport and quick. The flight will take 2 hours on a daily basis. Got it?
Hits Heroes: Loud and clear, Chief!
Chief Liow: Thank you. Good night, and safe flight.

8 PM…
Fina, Hasna, and Maul are already in bed, but they don’t seem to get any good sleep. They’re psyched to go to Vanuatu, but they feel sorry for M. Ang N. Ak for befriending LDP. But it’s LDP — once beaten, they will become good and friendly.

2 hours later, Fina, Hasna, and Maul have woken up, and they board the taxi to Nadi International Airport. Before they go, they realize, they don’t have any shower. As they catch the plane to Port Vila, they have already fallen asleep.

Stay tuned for vicinity in episode 342!


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