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So you think you’re a basketball player?

Desember 8, 2017

So you think you’re a basketball player?
You like watching basketball on TV?
You like playing basketball with your friends every weekend?
That’s good.

You can’t just go on and slam dunk like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal that instant. You need training.
With whom, you ask?
With one person.
My friend in XII IIS 2 of Alcent High School.
A girl.
My close friend.
And my personal coach for basketball.

She’s Nadya Zahra Amada, age 17.
For a girl of her size, she is already a pro basketball player.
Her biggest sports dream is to play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.
She’s a good girl, a good player, and a good coach.
She gets high respect.
And she’s a new sports idol.

Register now!
And for early registration, you will earn an official jersey, a basketball, and enhancer supplement, all with Nadya’s signature on it.
Might not be available for trolls.

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