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TCoH 4 Part 2, snippet of the Pacific Islands 5 story

Desember 8, 2017

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With just one more Chaos Emerald to be restored and one more LDP member to beat and befriend, our Heroes are just one week away from the end-of-year conference in Tokyo.

And now, in the Pacific Islands 5 story, Fina, Hasna, and Maul are set to find Shandy’s hideout in the remaining three countries in their Pacific Islands adventure; Tuvalu, Samoa, and Tonga. They meet Helena Meraai, an amateur skateboarder who, if you’re lucky enough, is a member of the new Alola Elite Four. Together, they learn about which real-life sovereign countries does Alola have relations with. Meanwhile, Shandy challenges Maul to three challenges in a bunch before taking him on; rollerblading in Tuvalu, skateboarding in Tonga, and hang-gliding in Samoa.

This is a nod to Maul’s favorite sports, which are all of the mentioned above as well as cycling and swimming. Helena’s there to help here take him on, but will she succeed? Find out in the Pacific Islands 5 story, the last country story in TCoH 4 Part 2 before the end-of-year conference and the Alola saga.

Stay tuned!
Oh, and BTW, our Heroes in this story are sponsored by 3 products; MWBCS Shoes, D’Fox Project, and Voice of the Heart Perfume. Voice of the Heart Perfume is, in the TCoH series, Grigol’s fragrance product, popular among girls. Its scent is so fragrant, you will drive boys crazy after usage.


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