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How I start the TCoH series and my drawing history

Desember 9, 2017

Before I begin working on episode 343 today, I wanna tell the history of how I started the TCoH series, from TCoH 1 until TCoH 4 Part 2.

As you all know, one of my hobbies is, and will always be, drawing. I’ve been drawing since age 3 and I haven’t stopped since.

It all started when I spent my early years in Jakarta, Indonesia as a 3-year-old kid. At that time, my mom and dad gave me a magnetic whiteboard to draw anything and anyone I liked. I remember I watched a lot of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in my youth, and I fell in love immediately. I drew both characters, but I drew Donald more frequently. I imagined myself as Louie Duck – he’s my favorite Donald’s nephew. And I imagined my dad was Donald and my mom was Daisy. Now those days might be long gone, but I still draw.

My drawings developed, and in 2009 I was introduced to Malaysian animated series Upin and Ipin. I immediately fell in love, and I made comics about them a LOT. I outgrew Upin and Ipin in 2011, and that was when I remade Pokemon comics based off of my imagination about the Japanese video game franchise. I got bored of Pokemon on 2012, and that was when I listened to the first radio station I know and love until today – Hits Radio, 103.9 FM.

January 2013 was when I started The Chronicles of Hits series, or TCoH for short. I remember my first story, when I mixed the game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? with Hits Radio. Dubbed “Hits Heroes”, the first announcers I made into the main characters of the TCoH series were Galih Absolute G, Ale Aulia, and Awong Irfan. Then came Ayu Andara, and numerous new Hits Heroes came in and fill their positions. Now some Heroes may leave the station circa 2015, but the series still continue until today.

And in 2014, I decided I would make — you guessed it — my girlfriend Fina as part of the cast, but she wasn’t the main character in TCoH 2. In the series, she is the niece of my cousin Uncle Amru (in Bahasa Indonesia I call him Om Amru or Mas Amru). She was 14 when she became a Hits Hero.

As the story continues, I still frequently make comics of the TCoH series, often entering my Threedom friends like Tasya, Medina, and Mufida. Also one Victory kid, Dzaky F., became a permanent cast member since TCoH 3. Since TCoH 3 I’ve made my Alcent High School friends cast members of the TCoH series. They include Hasna, Maul, Rifat, Khalisha, Davy, Hani, Aldi, Sahda (I used to have a crush on her before she ran away from then-X IIS 2 and became Ghafiki’s true love), Najla, and Bryan.

Now, in my 18th year of age, I still continue making TCoH comics and writing TCoH stories, and I’m still determined to take it to the next level in my college years – making The Legends of Hits (TLoH) series.

As always, stay tuned!


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