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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 345

Desember 11, 2017

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We all get it — in the last episode, Hasna won against Ratu Ayu Istiqomah in a gymnastics match, using spears as weapons. She did break her hair, but after Fina lended her D’Fox Projekt Conditioner, her hair restored and she won flawlessly.

And now, our Heroes are down to restoring the last Chaos Emerald as Fina, Hasna, and Maul land in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. They meet Helena Meraai (yes, another Junior Eurovision 2017 contestant), who apparently likes to skate and is another quarter of the new Alola Elite Four.

Upon learning that our girls are close to LDP’s hideout in Samoa, Maul is very psyched to beat Shandy in the island country. Just then, they arrange a strategy with Helena. Owing to the three elements that make up the Pacific Islands – land, sea, and air – Helena makes up her own triathlon for our girls to try. The triathlon comprises of skating, swimming, and hang-gliding.

Meanwhile, Abiel, Davy, Rifat, and Khalisha have decided they wanna go to Tuvalu for refreshing after a tiring week of practice. They fish a lot, catching the big ones.

Oh yeah, Ericko Lim also makes a special appearance in this episode.

Stay tuned! Episode 346 is coming up next.


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