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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 346 (a.k.a. Street Hockey Homicide) (part 2)

Desember 12, 2017

In the previous part…
After helping Ericko Lim making a street hockey team with his friends Bruno and Bem, our Heroes are shocked upon hearing the news of Chief Liow’s retirement on July 2018, which makes Fina break into tears. She thinks she isn’t ready yet to become chief.

And now…
Eric becomes angry when Hessu Hopo, his street hockey team, lost to rivaling team Taavi Ankka, who is revealed to play in the end-of-year conference as well.

Fina: Hold this, Eric.
Eric: What’s this?
Fina: It’s a bunny. I once taught my boyfriend how to cope with his anger issues by holding a bunny rabbit. I’ll play you a song. (plays “Amar pelos dois” on her keyboard)

Three minutes later…
Eric: It worked. I don’t feel so angry anymore.
Bruno: You’re a good sport, Eric.
Bem: Good game, well played.
Eric: Thanks, Fin. You taught me how to accept loss with patience.

Amidst all the hockey homicide, Maul successfully clears rollerblading test, and tomorrow she, Fina, and Hasna are ready to go to Tonga to practice swimming!

Stay tuned!


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