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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 346 (a.k.a. Street Hockey Homicide)

Desember 12, 2017

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This morning…
Bruno: I can’t believe it. LDP has been causing much trouble throughout the year 2017, and Hits Radio sent us to eradicate them?
Bem: I thought the Hits Heroes are independent and they don’t need anybody else to fight crime.
Eric: But we have to. Shandy is the source of all the trouble that LDP has caused throughout this year, and this is a serious problem. And they need us.
(Bruno and Bem think for a while)
Eric: I have an idea. Before tomorrow’s sunrise, we’ll go to Tonga first and attempt to kill Shandy.
Fina: (eavesdropping) NOOO!!!

Eric: But first, let’s play street hockey. (shows Fina and Hasna a soccer field where he plays street hockey during his Tuvalu visit)
Fina: (Street hockey…?) Has, I didn’t know they play hockey in the streets too… isn’t that dangerous?
Hasna: Beats me. We’ll just have to wait until Maul shows up. She’s currently enhancing her rollerblading skills in the streets of Funafuti. With Helena.
Eric: Fina, Hasna!
Fina and Hasna: Yes, Eric?
Eric: While you’re waiting for your friend Maul to come, why don’t we have a morning sport? (hands a hockey stick) This game is called street hockey. It’s like ice hockey, but played on rough terrain. It’s considered a national sport in Mexico, which I have never been to in the past, but I will try going there someday.
Fina: That’s what the Chief said. The street hockey finals are held in December 22, so we have to be fully prepared.
Hasna: Precisely.
Eric: You can help me, Bruno, and Bem practice. The team’s name is… actually, I haven’t thought of one yet. I’ve been thinking of using the name Motohiro Hata or Yanagi Nagi, but it doesn’t fit for a hockey team.
Fina: Oh, I get it! How about we use the name Aku Ankka (Donald Duck)?
Eric: How about Mikki Hiiri (Mickey Mouse)?
Hasna: Tiku ja Taku (Chip ‘n Dale)!
Fina: Figaro!
Eric: Enough! Let’s go with Hessu Hopo (Goofy).
Fina and Hasna: Alright!

Awkward moment…
Fina: I dunno about this, Eric… we would make a great team under the title Hessu Hopo, but why is Goofy the mascot?
Eric: Shut up! That’s why.
Hasna: Yeah, it’s not worth arguing for. He has been into Disney since a young age, just like Yudhis in his past. He decides to use Finnish names of Disney characters.
Eric: Bruno, Bem. I’ve decided — our street hockey team will go under the name Hessu Hopo.
Bruno: Arguable.
Bem: Debatable.

They have fun playing street hockey.
Two hours later…

Maul: Fina, Hasna! Wait for me!
Fina and Hasna: Maul?! (Maul strikes them)
Maul: I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I lost balance.
Fina: It’s OK. We were playing street hockey with Ericko Lim and his friends, Bruno Mendes and Bemo “Bem” Mogok.
Maul: Listen, Fin. I’ve got something to tell you, but keep this a secret for us three.
Fina: Oh, OK.
Maul: (whispers something to Fina’s ear)

Mr. Vallen: (munching on a hamburger) This burger is delicious!
Mr. Roni: (sipping on soda) Yeah, it’s so sad they don’t sell it in Indonesia.
Announcer: Attention Hits Heroes and Scullabies! Report to Chandra Liow and Paul Barbato in Hits Radio’s secret office building near the soccer field.
Mr. Vallen: Did you guys hear that?
Mr. Roni: There’s an important announcement coming from our office!
Mr. Vallen: Let’s go, guys!
Mr. Vega, Mrs. Meta, and Wildi: OK!

In the office…
Chief Liow: As you already know, on behalf of Hits Radio and the Hits Academy in Sydney, I would like to inform you that we are very close to the end-of-year conference in Tokyo. Fight hard, practice intensively, and most of all, you gotta have guts.
(our Heroes’ eyes fill with tears)
Chief Liow: I’m sorry I can’t join you in the conference as I’m planning on my marriage come 2018. Starting July 2018, I’m officially retiring from Hits Radio, so I, as you already know, am considering giving my title as Chief of Hits Radio to Fina. That is if she beats me in the Pokemon League at 48 Diponegoro Street after she finishes her national exam.
Fina: (about to cry)
Chief Liow: Cry all you want, Fin, but you can’t change destiny after July 2018. Your journey as a Hits Hero doesn’t stop here, after becoming Chief you will still fight to become a True Hits Hero. We can still meet sometime.
Barby: As for you, Scullabies, you will be the first group of people to go to Alola. I would like to hear about your progress as I’m off to North Korea for summer vacation. I’ve booked myself a flight to Pyongyang come Saturday morning, and I’ve also booked you a flight to Hau’oli City come next Monday, so have fun!

Eric: (video calling with Fina’s dad) Hello, Erwin?
Uncle Erwin: Yes, what is it?
Eric: I’ve just got a word from Chandra Liow. He says that following his retirement from Hits Radio, he asks Fina to become chief. Do you think she can do that?
Uncle Erwin: It’s been her rough day today, but… yes, my daughter is becoming Chief of Hits Radio. She’s a happy girl, living a happy life with her family, friends, and the love of her life, Yudhis.
Eric: Oh.
Uncle Erwin: Keep playing Mobile En… and street hockey for Hessu Hopo, Eric.
Eric: Gee, thanks, Erwin. I’d appreciate that.
Uncle Erwin: Anytime, lad.

After lunch, Fina receives a phone call. It is me.
Me: Hello, Fin?
Fina: Yes, Yud?
Me: It’s so sad to hear that Chief Liow is retiring from Hits Radio after you are appointed Chief. Don’t worry. You can still watch his YouTube videos anywhere, anytime, even if you’re a college student now.
Fina: Thanks.
Me: I have a special poem. You wanna hear it?
Fina: Yeah.
Me: Roses are red, violets are blue, good luck next week in Tokyo.
Fina: Thanks for the poem, Yud.
Me: Anytime, Fin. Keep practicing for next week. Buh-bye. Love you.
Fina: Love you too. (hangs up)

Back in Eric’s hideout, Eric has just went home with a frustrated look on his face.
Bruno: Hey, Eric! How’s it going?
Bem: Yeah, how about the game?
Eric: (swings his hockey stick to Bem’s stuffed bear)
Bruno: Eric, easy! Control your temper.
Eric: (rampages with incoherent speech)
Fina: (breaks in) QUIET!!!
Eric, Bruno, and Bem: (gasps)
Fina: I thought Hessu Hopo played great, Eric, until you wreaked havoc near Bruno and Bem!
Eric: This is hockey homicide, I tell you! HOCKEY HOMICIDE!!!
Fina: Hold it!
Eric: (stares awkwardly)
Fina: You think by wreaking havoc you can solve this problem?
Eric: No.
Fina: Then hold a rabbit.
Eric: What does that achieve for me?
Fina: It helps you cope with psychological issues. When I was in Mongolia, my boyfriend lost control of his temper for 2 days, and I gave him a rabbit to hold. And he cured.
Eric: Can I skewer it?
Bruno: Impossible, Eric. That’s a pet rabbit.
Bem: You can’t eat organic animals.
Eric: What’s his name?
Fina: His name is “Alexey”. He’s still a bunny.
Eric: But I thought you’re gonna give me that Cosmog.

Stay tuned for the second part tonight, and then episode 347 is coming up next.


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