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More details on TLoH 2

Oktober 22, 2018

Hi, guys!

So you know how I’m currently inactive in writing the Hits Radio series due to college and excessive college work? Well, during this inactivity period, I’m still gonna drop more details on The Legends of Hits 2: Spirit Guardians, when our Heroes go on their Central American and Caribbean adventures.

More details:
– In TLoH 2, our Heroes are given necklaces in the shape of animals for them to wear during their Central American adventures. Those aren’t mere necklaces – Ryan calls them their “spirit guardians”. Fina’s spirit guardian is Katie, in the form of a cat. Rifat’s spirit guardian is Mikolas, in the form of a hammerhead shark. Hasna’s spirit guardian is Ari, in the form of a desert scorpion.
– Our Heroes are mentored for their photo card-collecting adventure. Rifat is mentored by Ryan, Fina is mentored by Indi, and Hasna is mentored by Twice’s Momo Hirai, whom I made a Hits Radio series character for this sequel. My fellow Once, you know what I’m talking about…
– Also, our Heroes will cooperate with the Ardan Announcers and Hits Radio USA in collecting Ardan Announcers photocards. They have to do so
– A new sequel means a new villainous team. In this sequel, it’s E.D.A.S. (Elegant. Dazzling. Astounding. Sexy.) E.D.A.S. is comprised of Ago, Nilton, and Reqi. They work for Nexa, the main boss of TLoH 2. Later in the Caribbean saga, Twice’s Dahyun and Chaeyoung join them. At first, they despise our Heroes. But later they are willing to work with them to defeat Nexa and make her friendly again.
– Abiel and Davy will make their return as our Heroes reach Cuba, and Davy reveals that he is a Once too, like me. His bias is Sana.

Which countries will they visit???
(every country story will be a two-week story)
January: Mexico
February: Belize and Guatemala
March: El Salvador and Honduras
April: Nicaragua and Costa Rica
May: Panama and Cuba
June: Haiti and Dominican Republic
July: Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda
August: Bahamas and Barbados
September: Dominica and Grenada
October: the three Saints (Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
November: Trinidad and Tobago
December: constituent countries (only Turks and Caicos and Aruba), return to Mexico, and Bandiaterra

Stay tuned!

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