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The future of TCoH 4 Part 2, and Hits Radio in July 2017

In The Chronicles of Hits series, Hits Radio is more than just a radio station. It’s an organization. A radio-announcing, crime-stopping, Pokemon-catching, and Pokemon-training organization that has been here since 2013. And since 2015, Fina has been the main character. Believe it or not, and you’ve been hearing me referring to her as this heaps of times before, my girlfriend for almost 4 years this year has grown stronger bonds with her current companions Rifat and Khalisha, exchange students of the Hits Academy at Sydney, or HAS. They’re working together to save her friends, who are deported to the fictional Alola region from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Collectively they are known as our Hits Heroes.

I’ve been promoted to the 12th grade, and so, of course I have to prepare for the national exam and something like that. But it will never stop me from writing any TCoH 4 Part 2. This July also marks the start of the East Asian saga.

Hits Radio in July 2017:
July 1-2: Maldives (part 2)
July 3-9: China
July 10-16: Mongolia
July 17-23: North Korea
July 24-30: South Korea
July 31: Japan (part 1)

Starting from July 2017, M. Ang N. Ak will join forces with LDP as villains, whereas the Scullabies are left as a quartet following Mr. Akbar’s departure. The main Hero of focus will be Fina as she likes East Asian stuff, mainly Korean. The LDP member of focus will be Martha, the M. Ang N. Ak member of focus is Zafi, and the Scullaby of focus is Mrs. Meta, holding the fourth grand trial in Taiwan.

So what are you waiting for?
Get ready for some oriental fun this July with our Heroes!

Oh, and BTW, the Hits Radio Artist of the Month in July is Brendan…
And his surname…
It’s “Murray” (pronounced as Marie).
Not “Muh-ray”,
Not “Murphy”,
Not “Murti”,
Not “Bob Saget”,

Just kidding. Artist of the Month in July is Khalisha.

TCoH 4 Part 2, East Asian saga
July 3-9: China
July 10-16: Mongolia
July 17-23: North Korea
July 24-30: South Korea
July 31-August 6: Japan
August 7-13: Taiwan (FOURTH GRAND TRIAL SITE)

The main Hero of focus is Fina, and here’s why.
China: she caught a Stufful here; her Bounsweet evolves into Steenee during a battle against LDP.
Mongolia: no special event, but her Trumbeak evolves into Toucannon in this story.
North Korea: she meets Carmina for the first time in person. (FYI, Carmina is my real-life friend at school, Salsabila from then-XI MIA 6. I made this nickname.)
South Korea: when Khalisha temporarily hangs out with the girls, she decides to side with Rifat for the week, and they support her during her trial battle with Carmina. Also, her Ribombee evolves from Cutiefly here.
Japan: she faces Radit in the trial battle and wins, earning her the Buginium Z.
Taiwan: she faces Mrs. Meta in the fourth grand trial and wins, earning her the Fairium Z. Her Brionne evolves into Primarina at this point, and learns Sparkling Aria.

Also, keep in mind that Rifat’s Dartrix, Rockruff, and Khalisha’s Staravia evolve into Decidueye, Midnight Form Lycanroc, and Staraptor respectively in the Chinese story. Khalisha’s Torracat also evolves into Incineroar and learns Darkest Lariat in the South Korean story.

Billboard Hot 100 top 10 (July 1, 2017)

No change on songs, honestly.
All rights belong to Billboard.

  1. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber – “Despacito”
  2. DJ Khaled and Friends – “I’m the one”
  3. Bruno Mars – “That’s what I like”
  4. Ed Sheeran – “Shape of you”
  5. Kendrick Lamar – “Humble.”
  6. Future – “Mask off”
  7. The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay – “Something just like this”
  8. Zedd feat. Alessia Cara – “Stay”
  9. Post Malone feat. Quavo – “Congratulations”
  10. Lil Uzi Vert – “XO Tour Llif3”

Axel Schylstrom – Nar ingen ser

Är du med på noterna
Sjung för full hals eller inte als
Jag kan inte lova att
Vi blir kvar hos dig till sent inatt

Kvällen den är bara vår
Hösten kommer, vintern den blir svår
Snälla låt mig visa kort
Allt man gör när alla blundar

Ingen ser vad du gör för fel
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser
Alla vet att det kan bli sent
Släpp tag om hatten när ingen ser

När ingen ser på oss
När ingen ser på oss
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser
Släpp tag om hatten, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Samma gamla visa, nej
Alla som går hem får ångra sig
Vill du visa vad du har
Den som vet, den vet att vi blir kvar

Natten den är bara ung
De tittar bort, jag kröner dig till kung
Snälla, låt mig ge ett råd
Hoppa hoppet sitt på tron

Ingen ser vad du gör för fel
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser
Alla vet att det kan bli sent
Släpp tag om hatten när ingen ser

När ingen ser på oss
När ingen ser på oss
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser
Släpp tag om hatten, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Ingen ser vad du gör för fel
När ingen ser
Men alla vet att det kan bli sent
När ingen ser

Ingen ser vad du gör för fel
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser
Alla vet att det kan bli sent
Släpp tag om hatten när ingen ser

När ingen ser på oss
När ingen ser på oss
Dansa på vatten när ingen ser på oss
Släpp tag om hatten, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Ingen ser vad du gör för fel (När ingen ser på oss)
Ingen ser vad du gör för fel (Dansa på vatten)
Alla vet att det kan bli sent (Dansa på vatten)
Ingen ser vad du gör för fel (Whoa-oh-oh-oh)

Panas Hits Radio top 10 (July 1, 2017)

  1. Octa Vega – “Hold on”
  2. Fauzan Rifat – “Occidentali’s Karma”
  3. Kahfi Alghifari – “Beautiful mess”
  4. Khalisha Salma – “Slow hands”
  5. Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos dois”
  6. Bet Constantino – “Summer love”
  7. Airlangga Wisesa – “Open my eyes”
  8. LKT – “Where I belong”
  9. Manel Navarro – “Keep on falling”
  10. Ibrahim JL feat. Dinan of LKT – “Kudapat dari Emak” (HOT SHOT DEBUT)

TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 170

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Previously in TCoH 4 Part 2…
Upon discovering M. Ang N. Ak had caught all of our Heroes’ traded Pokemon, our Heroes decided to fight empty-handed, without Pokemon. After Khalisha unleashed a powerful Subzero Slammer, M. Ang N. Ak blasted off, as seen by the Scullabies who were walking to Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport via Rajshahi. There was only one thing to do left for Fina… looking over me in the hospital back in Dhaka. Meanwhile, the Scullabies were taking Mr. Akbar to the airport and bade farewell to him forever, leaving them as a quartet.

And now…

Recently, our Heroes have arrived in the port of Colombo, Sri Lanka, via Dhaka for school break.

Fina: So this is Sri Lanka, huh…
Rifat: You know guys, I’ve read a lot about Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a developing island nation in South Asia, just a bit below India. Right now we’re in Colombo, the country’s commercial capital and largest city. The country is divided into 9 provinces, with the capital Sri Jayawardenepura-Kotte located just in the same province as Colombo. (sightseeing)
Khalisha: Any reason why we’re going to Sri Lanka?
Rifat: That’s a good question. First, we’re having fun, as today is school break. Second, we want to see the local trial captain here. You might not know her, but she is our school teacher in Indonesia.
Fina: Teacher? Who?
Rifat: Mrs. Wine. You might not know it yet, but she’s of Sri Lankan origin…

Our Heroes stop by in a tea house for breakfast. FYI, in this episode, they’re not fasting.

Rifat: You know, Sri Lanka’s economy relies in pretty much everything. Like natural rubber, tourism, oil, and one thing you can’t possibly live without, Khal — tea!
Khalisha: (excited) Tea?! Why don’t you just say so? Sri Lanka grows among the best tea in the world!
Rifat: (to Fina) Fin, when it comes to tea, Khalisha couldn’t be more autistic…
Fina: Yes, you keep saying that.

As long as orders have arrived, our Heroes drink lots of tea before setting off to Mrs. Wine’s place. Mrs. Wine is a very good woman. She owns all Rock-type Pokemon, her specialty type. She gives our Heroes the briefing for the next trial.

Mrs. Wine: Alright, kids. Your objective is to go to Sigiriya for my trial. This is where you find 8 lion statues along the way to the fort. However, only 4 of them are real, and the other 4 are Pokemon. You can’t catch them until my trial is complete. And that’s how you get to the top of the fort where the Totem Pokemon – Gigalith – awaits.
Fina: That’s scary.
Mrs. Wine: I know, but you’ve all got to be brave. Now, Rifat, you’re my choice to clear this trial. OK?
Rifat: No sweet, Madam! I’ll do my best!
Mrs. Wine: That’s the spirit. (high five)

FYI, most of the Sri Lankan population are Theravada Buddhists, but there is a chance you might find Sunni Muslims here. The biggest mosque in Sri Lanka is the Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, located in Colombo. If I visit Sri Lanka someday, I would like to pray there too.

TCoH 4 Part 2, another snippet of the Sri Lankan story

You sure read the snippet of the Sri Lankan story in TCoH 4 Part 2. Well, that’s just the first snippet of it. Here’s another snippet. It’s inspired by the upcoming 31st episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. All rights belong to their respective owners.

It’s officially school break, and our Heroes plan to have vacation in the island nation of Sri Lanka. They are greeted by Mrs. Wine, the local trial captain there. She specializes in Rock-type Pokemon, owns all Pokemon of her specialty type, and is an experienced master of ceremony (MC) and singer.

Mrs. Wine is a very good woman. She tells our Heroes about the next trial. Ultimately, she chooses Rifat to face this trial in Sigiriya in order to get the Rockium Z, which she says is chocolate-flavored. She also promises Fina an apple if Rifat clears the trial. But not just an apple. Mrs. Wine says it’s secretly her best friend since 2015. (Hasna’s return hinted!)

Why is the Rockium Z chocolate-flavored, according to Mrs. Wine?
Just look at it. It’s brown. Brown is mostly associated with chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, or anything of the like. So it’s most likely chocolate-flavored… with a hint of spice inside it.

TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 167

Our Heroes have finally reached the city of Mymensingh. Before checking in to the nearest hotel, they stop by a restaurant – nope, just kidding. They’re fasting, alright.

Now they book in to what the locals might call the city’s best hotel, named (wait for it…) Hotel Al Rifat! Here they discuss more about the mysterious Bengali scientists that took their Pokemon. Assuming M. Ang N. Ak (yup, that’s the collective name of LDP’s enforcers, led by Zafi) are disguising as the scientists so that they could take their Pokemon, Rifat suggests Fina and Khalisha come along with him and hijack a car to Rajshahi the next day.

As dusk falls, the call for the Maghrib prayer is summoned, and iftar is served. How lucky they are! Fina and Rifat get rice with sabji, a special type of Bangladeshi vegan curry, but Khalisha is the most luxurious – she gets kosha murgir mangsho, or Bengali chicken curry. They eat heartily.

Stay tuned tomorrow as our Heroes finally reach Rajshahi.

SIDE NOTE: as of the end of the Bangladeshi story, Mr. Akbar is no longer a Scullaby as in real life he is no longer a teacher in my school. He will leave the Scullabies as a quartet, M. Ang N. Ak will become their new rivals, and LDP remain their enemies.