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Alsou – Solo

Sitting alone, here in my room
Staring at your picture from midnight to noon
Counting the hours, counting the days
You know that I’ll miss you in a million ways

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I’m going solo
Going solo

My friends tried to tell me
I didn’t wanna listen
‘Cause I’m that kind of person
Gotta find out on my own

I gave you my heart
You tore it apart
Now I’m coming back strong
I knew it was wrong

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I’m going solo
Going solo

Now I wait

Wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I’m going solo


National anthem of Georgia

Chemi khat’ia samshoblo
Sakhat’e mteli kveq’ana
Ganatebuli mta-bari
Ts’ilnaq’aria Ghmerttana

Tavisupleba dghes chveni
Momavals umghers didebas
Tsisk’ris varsk’vlavi amodis
Amodis da or zghvas shua brts’q’indeba

Da dideba tavisuplebas
Tavisuplebas dideba

TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 343

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Previously on TCoH 4 Part 2…
Fina, Hasna, and Maul had arrived in Bauerfield International Airport, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Upon arrival, they try to fulfill their hunger with some good coconut crab directly from the coast.

And now…
Once again, the girls are figure skating on the frozen blue hole surface before taking on Slavko’s black diamond slope on Mount Tabwemasana. As always, the Scullabies are always watching them.

Mr. Vallen: I told you watching Global Guts is dangerous.
Mr. Vega: At least it’s better than Disney’s House of Mouse. It’s for kids, not men like us. (signal blares) Huh? What’s this?
Mr. Vallen: Answer it, Roni.
(Mr. Roni presses the golden button)
Mr. Vallen: Hasna!
Hasna: Sir! This is Hasna reporting from the bottom of Mount Tabwemasana.
Mr. Vallen: Get your popcorn ready, guys! We’re receiving a video call from our Heroes!
Hasna: Me, Fina, and Maul are ready to take on the slope before taking on Ratu Ayu Istiqomah tomorrow!
Mr. Roni: Atta girl! I’m sure you will make your family proud back in Indonesia.
Mr. Vega: Fight hard!
Mr. Vallen: Never give up!
Mrs. Meta: And achieve your goals!
Wildi: Don’t sleep too much, that’s why.
Mr. Vallen: Now catch that Ratu girl for me, and you’ll be legend!
Hasna: Thank you, Sir!

Long story short, our girls go on a snowboard race. Despite the cold air, Hasna manages to keep her hair as it is. They finish in Port Vila, where Grigol tests her grace and strength.

Stay tuned! Episode 344 is coming up next.

How I start the TCoH series and my drawing history

Before I begin working on episode 343 today, I wanna tell the history of how I started the TCoH series, from TCoH 1 until TCoH 4 Part 2.

As you all know, one of my hobbies is, and will always be, drawing. I’ve been drawing since age 3 and I haven’t stopped since.

It all started when I spent my early years in Jakarta, Indonesia as a 3-year-old kid. At that time, my mom and dad gave me a magnetic whiteboard to draw anything and anyone I liked. I remember I watched a lot of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in my youth, and I fell in love immediately. I drew both characters, but I drew Donald more frequently. I imagined myself as Louie Duck – he’s my favorite Donald’s nephew. And I imagined my dad was Donald and my mom was Daisy. Now those days might be long gone, but I still draw.

My drawings developed, and in 2009 I was introduced to Malaysian animated series Upin and Ipin. I immediately fell in love, and I made comics about them a LOT. I outgrew Upin and Ipin in 2011, and that was when I remade Pokemon comics based off of my imagination about the Japanese video game franchise. I got bored of Pokemon on 2012, and that was when I listened to the first radio station I know and love until today – Hits Radio, 103.9 FM.

January 2013 was when I started The Chronicles of Hits series, or TCoH for short. I remember my first story, when I mixed the game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? with Hits Radio. Dubbed “Hits Heroes”, the first announcers I made into the main characters of the TCoH series were Galih Absolute G, Ale Aulia, and Awong Irfan. Then came Ayu Andara, and numerous new Hits Heroes came in and fill their positions. Now some Heroes may leave the station circa 2015, but the series still continue until today.

And in 2014, I decided I would make — you guessed it — my girlfriend Fina as part of the cast, but she wasn’t the main character in TCoH 2. In the series, she is the niece of my cousin Uncle Amru (in Bahasa Indonesia I call him Om Amru or Mas Amru). She was 14 when she became a Hits Hero.

As the story continues, I still frequently make comics of the TCoH series, often entering my Threedom friends like Tasya, Medina, and Mufida. Also one Victory kid, Dzaky F., became a permanent cast member since TCoH 3. Since TCoH 3 I’ve made my Alcent High School friends cast members of the TCoH series. They include Hasna, Maul, Rifat, Khalisha, Davy, Hani, Aldi, Sahda (I used to have a crush on her before she ran away from then-X IIS 2 and became Ghafiki’s true love), Najla, and Bryan.

Now, in my 18th year of age, I still continue making TCoH comics and writing TCoH stories, and I’m still determined to take it to the next level in my college years – making The Legends of Hits (TLoH) series.

As always, stay tuned!

So you think you’re a basketball player?

So you think you’re a basketball player?
You like watching basketball on TV?
You like playing basketball with your friends every weekend?
That’s good.

You can’t just go on and slam dunk like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal that instant. You need training.
With whom, you ask?
With one person.
My friend in XII IIS 2 of Alcent High School.
A girl.
My close friend.
And my personal coach for basketball.

She’s Nadya Zahra Amada, age 17.
For a girl of her size, she is already a pro basketball player.
Her biggest sports dream is to play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.
She’s a good girl, a good player, and a good coach.
She gets high respect.
And she’s a new sports idol.

Register now!
And for early registration, you will earn an official jersey, a basketball, and enhancer supplement, all with Nadya’s signature on it.
Might not be available for trolls.

This advertisement is brought to you by:
NZA Coaching Clinic
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TCoH 4 Part 2, snippet of the Pacific Islands 5 story

All rights belong to their respective owners.

With just one more Chaos Emerald to be restored and one more LDP member to beat and befriend, our Heroes are just one week away from the end-of-year conference in Tokyo.

And now, in the Pacific Islands 5 story, Fina, Hasna, and Maul are set to find Shandy’s hideout in the remaining three countries in their Pacific Islands adventure; Tuvalu, Samoa, and Tonga. They meet Helena Meraai, an amateur skateboarder who, if you’re lucky enough, is a member of the new Alola Elite Four. Together, they learn about which real-life sovereign countries does Alola have relations with. Meanwhile, Shandy challenges Maul to three challenges in a bunch before taking him on; rollerblading in Tuvalu, skateboarding in Tonga, and hang-gliding in Samoa.

This is a nod to Maul’s favorite sports, which are all of the mentioned above as well as cycling and swimming. Helena’s there to help here take him on, but will she succeed? Find out in the Pacific Islands 5 story, the last country story in TCoH 4 Part 2 before the end-of-year conference and the Alola saga.

Stay tuned!
Oh, and BTW, our Heroes in this story are sponsored by 3 products; MWBCS Shoes, D’Fox Project, and Voice of the Heart Perfume. Voice of the Heart Perfume is, in the TCoH series, Grigol’s fragrance product, popular among girls. Its scent is so fragrant, you will drive boys crazy after usage.

TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 341

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Our Heroes are staying in a hotel near the shopping mall they practiced dancing yesterday. During their stay, the girls (minus Khalisha because she’s siding with the boys) share a friendly talk.

Hasna: I like it here.
Fina: Isn’t it great? Just us three, Grigol, and our Pokemon here.
Hasna: You know, the tropical snow here in Fiji is uncommon, as Fiji is a two-season country, meaning they only experience the dry season and the wet season.
Maul: What do you like from both seasons, Has?
Hasna: You don’t remember when we were in Latvia? During the Endless Winter, we figure skated there. I actually like skating very much. Every summer, I rollerblade. Every winter, I figure skate. I also like snowboarding when winter comes.
Fina: Good for you! Skating is actually very healthy for your body because it involves speed. Your legs feel light because there’s that momentum and impulse, bla bla bla…
Grigol: Girls! Back to work!
Fina, Hasna, and Maul: Yes, Grigol.

Meanwhile, in Vanuatu…
Slavko: So those Heroes managed to befriend 5 LDP members…
Isaiah: Yeah, so what?
Slavko: I’m– I’M SO ANGRY! They’re supposed to be beaten! (turns on to Isaiah, Hovig, Zafi, and Jowst) From this moment on, we vow vengeance!
Zafi: Boss, isn’t that too… violent to vow vengeance in Vanuatu?
Slavko: Shut up! That’s why. We’re gonna make it snow in Vanuatu, and we’re gonna make a black diamond slope in Mount Tabwemasana, and we’re gonna tell Hasna to clear it without fail!
Hovig: And why is that a big deal?
Slavko: Because Hasna likes snowboarding, and we bet she can’t clear this one!
Jowst: So?
Slavko: Pay attention to this diagram I made. After she clears Mount Tabwemasana, she’s gonna skim the frozen sea surface to Espiritu Santo Island where our trusty martial artists armed with spears are gonna test Hasna’s grace and strength! She’d better pay attention, though, because the spear is sharp and it’s gonna break her hair, and she can’t do anything! HAHAHA!!!
Isaiah, Hovig, Zafi, and Jowst: (sigh in agony)

That night, after a delicious dinner, our Heroes get a call from Chief Liow.

Chief Liow: Heroes!
Hits Heroes: Yes, Chief?
Chief Liow: Have you heard the news in Fijian TV? M. Ang N. Ak are vowing vengeance in Vanuatu because you befriended 5 LDP members!
Fina: What?! I thought we are supposed to do so!
Chief Liow: Not for M. Ang N. Ak! They don’t like it if you befriend LDP! Now here’s the deal. Abiel, Davy, Rifat, and Khalisha. You go back to Tokyo, where I am. Fina, Hasna, and Maul. You go to bed now, and leave for Port Vila, Vanuatu after 10 PM. Board a plane from Nadi Airport and quick. The flight will take 2 hours on a daily basis. Got it?
Hits Heroes: Loud and clear, Chief!
Chief Liow: Thank you. Good night, and safe flight.

8 PM…
Fina, Hasna, and Maul are already in bed, but they don’t seem to get any good sleep. They’re psyched to go to Vanuatu, but they feel sorry for M. Ang N. Ak for befriending LDP. But it’s LDP — once beaten, they will become good and friendly.

2 hours later, Fina, Hasna, and Maul have woken up, and they board the taxi to Nadi International Airport. Before they go, they realize, they don’t have any shower. As they catch the plane to Port Vila, they have already fallen asleep.

Stay tuned for vicinity in episode 342!