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What August 19 means to me

Hi, guys.

So as you might know, there are three days that I always wait for every year since 2013; April 5, August 19, and October 8. Why?

April 5, because – you know her – my girlfriend Fina celebrates her birthday every April 5. I’m honored every April 5, because I have said happy birthday to her in different ways since 2014.

October 8, because I celebrate my birthday every October 8.

But we’re not talking about those two days. Every August 19, there are two events that I celebrate myself; Ghafiki’s birthday and the day I confessed to Fina. And tomorrow is his 20th birthday (he was born 1998) and our fifth anniversary together. I feel blessed to have these two people next to me. Now Fina is more than just my Polban girl – she’s my special one.

Technically June 13 and August 15 are also special days for me because the former is Dimas’ birthday and the latter is Bagas’ birthday, but… yeah.

That being said, I just wanna say…
Happy 20th birthday to Ghafiki and happy fifth anniversary for me and Fina.
I feel blessed to have you both since my middle school years.


Rizky Febian and Mikha Tambayong – Berpisah itu mudah

All rights belong to Rizky Febian and Mikha Tambayong.

Makan di resto terenak
Membaca di sudut paling tenang
Menonton pertunjukan musik
Langsung di jalanan dari malam hingga pagi

Kita pernah lama bersama
Semua titik di kota ini adalah kita
Walau kau putuskan untuk pergi
Cerita kita tetap ‘kan abadi

Percayalah, sayang
Berpisah itu mudah
Tak ada kamu di hidupku
Aku mampu

Namun menghapuskan
Semua kenangan kita
Adalah hal yang paling menyulitkan untukku

Simpan baju kesayangan
Tutup album fotoku rapat-rapat
Buang buku-buku puisi
Dan ganti semua dekorasi

Semua hal yang kucoba lupakan
Selalu berujung padamu
Semua tempat yang aku datangi
Selalu ada kamu

Kamu lagi
Kamu kamu lagi
Kamu lagi

Percayalah, sayang
Berpisah itu mudah
Tak ada kamu di hidupku
Aku mampu

Namun menghapuskan
Semua kenangan kita
Adalah hal yang paling menyulitkan untukku

Percayalah, sayang
Berpisah itu mudah
Tak ada kamu di hidupku
Aku mampu

Namun menghapuskan
Semua kenangan kita
Adalah hal yang paling menyulitkan
Adalah hal yang paling menyebalkan
Adalah hal yang paling menyesatkan untukku

Panas Hits Radio top 10 (August 18, 2018)

All rights belong to their respective owners.

  1. Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance you off”
  2. Kirana Srihapsari – “Someday”
  3. Suku Dani – “Young forever” (HOT SHOT DEBUT)
  4. Aisel – “X my heart”
  5. Khalisha Salma – “Way too fast”
  6. Netta – “Toy”
  7. Fina Nugraha – “Strange attractor”
  8. Rolegur x Bill Rahko – “Spring day/In the end”
  9. Fauzan Rifat feat. Yudhistira Hoseok – “My Polban girl”
  10. BTS – “Fake love”

3. Suku Dani – “Young forever” (BTS cover)
65. RAN – “Gemilang” (Andien cover)
67. Khalisha Salma – “Cinta di ujung jalan” (Agnes Monica cover)
78. BTS KW – “Nobody but you (My pleasure)” (re-release and remix)
90. Jin of BTS – “Intro: Epiphany”
93. Imagine Dragons – “Natural”
99. Nissa Sabyan – “Ya habibal qolbi”

Why I am not a Twibi anymore

Hi, guys.

Let me tell you a story. A life story.

When I first started this blog, my early posts were mostly about the popular Indonesian girl group Cherrybelle. They consisted of nine beautiful women. I had a huge liking for them, mostly because I was unaware that they were accused of plagiarizing Girls’ Generation, the legendary South Korean girl group. But now… things are very different.

Since 2015, I’ve decided that I wanted to stop becoming a Twibi (the name of Cherrybelle’s fanbase). Why? Because most of their members (except for maybe Gigi) are married after they withdrew from the group and they have become… well, moms. The first Cherrybelle member to have gotten married was Wenda. She married Indonesian actor, TV presenter, and comedian Ruben Onsu in 2013. Since then, she is known by her real name, Sarwendah. They have one daughter together, named Thalia Putri Onsu.

And… that’s not even half of it.
Margareth Angelina or Angel got married to photographer Rudy Ming two years after Sarwendah. They have one daughter, Mirabelle Tiffany Eleanor.
In 2016, Christy Saura Noela Unu got married to Radhiant Siregar. They have yet to have a child.
In 2017, Kezia Karamoy got married to businessman Axcel Narang, from Central Kalimantan. They have one son named Alfredo Elfata Narang. Oh yeah, Kezia actually played in Masalembo, a thriller series in Net TV.
The same year, Jessyca Stefani Auryn or Ryn got married to Ivan Christian. Their age difference is eight years, Ryn being the obvious younger. Together they have a son with a cool name, Reijiro Alexo Christian.
The most recent CB member to get married is Felly. She got married to one third of 3 Composers, Mario Kacang, and they are currently expecting their first child.

So… with that being said, that’s my story about how I’m not a Twibi anymore. I’m not a Chiter, but I’ll keep supporting these women with their lives as young mothers.
Now SNSD is way better for me, even though I’m also a BTS Army and Seventeen Carat.

Updates on the TLoH series

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Hi, guys.
So, as of the time I wrote this posting, you know that I’m giving slight changes on the Legends of Hits series, which will kick off this late August.

As you know, our Heroes are college students in this series. However, in the TLoH series, as it turns out, Khalisha is not going to Unpad, but rather UGM, in Yogyakarta. So that means she won’t be accompanying Fina and Rifat in their adventures until TLoH 3 in 2020. Also, Hasna won’t be going to Japan either as she would rather stay in Bandung to be close to Fina. You know they’re best friends. But Maul is still returning to the Italian Air Force, so… yeah, just a heads up.

So, stay tuned in late August as Fina, Rifat, and Hasna’s adventures in Bandung begins in TLoH 1.

Spongebob – FUN song

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea

What does FUN stand for you?
Share in the comments below!

Panas Hits Radio top 10 (August 11, 2018)

All rights belong to their respective owners.

  1. Kirana Srihapsari – “Someday”
  2. Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance you off”
  3. Netta – “Toy”
  4. Fina Nugraha – “Strange attractor”
  5. Aisel – “X my heart”
  6. Khalisha Salma – “Way too fast”
  7. Fina Nugraha, Chandra Liow, and Hasna Lathifah – “Look at me now”
  8. Rolegur x Bill Rahko – “Spring day/In the end”
  9. BTS – “Fake love”
  10. Fauzan Rifat – “Ajari aku” (HOT SHOT DEBUT)

10. Fauzan Rifat – “Ajari aku” (Adrian Martadinata cover)
29. Medina and Rizqy Farhan – “Someday we’ll know” (Mandy Moore and Jon Foreman cover)
46. Seventeen – “Clap”
58. BTS – “Magic shop”
69. 6ix9ine feat. Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz – “Fefe”
80. Juice WRLD – “Lucid dreams”
92. Revenge the Fate – “Continuous”